View Full Version : Elena Bovina: she is now allmost a year with Injury

May 21st, 2006, 07:55 PM
Somebody knows what is her situation? any positive sign?

May 21st, 2006, 08:17 PM
it's not looking good for lena :sad: :sad:

May 21st, 2006, 09:23 PM
It's a shame for Bovina. She joins Chanda Rubin and Alicia Molik as a player who had finally made a mark on the game and was beginning to launch herself as a real threat whenever injury or illness took them off the scene.

May 21st, 2006, 09:25 PM
Poor elena :(

May 21st, 2006, 10:02 PM
sad very sad

May 21st, 2006, 10:05 PM
Please come back Lena. :(

May 21st, 2006, 10:07 PM
she is still on rg entrylist....but that seems to be utopic...

May 21st, 2006, 10:10 PM

May 21st, 2006, 11:13 PM

May 21st, 2006, 11:33 PM
dont foget jens been gone for almost 2 years soon enough through injury :(

May 21st, 2006, 11:56 PM
dont foget jens been gone for almost 2 years soon enough through injury :(

:sad: 19 months now

May 22nd, 2006, 12:31 AM
:sobbing::sobbing::sobbing::sobbing: I miss Lena B :sobbing::sobbing::sobbing::sobbing:

Please come back soon Lena :smooch: :hug: :kiss:

May 22nd, 2006, 12:33 AM
:sad: 19 months now

:bigcry: :bigcry:

May 22nd, 2006, 01:40 AM
I don't know if she's even injured at this point.

Her whole situation is really screwed up. She's had a miserable life on tour, her coach was a total creep; she could have just gotten tired of it. Her "agent" issues statements twice saying that she was in "excellent form" and would return to the court soon. Since then, she's pulled out of dozens of tournaments. Maybe she just doesn't want to play.

No Name Face
May 22nd, 2006, 01:49 AM
i miss her.
her doubles team with lenaD is so much better than flavia pennetta. she was one of my favorites. :sad: