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May 21st, 2006, 11:24 AM
Has anyone read up on the new Nintendo console caled Wii? It will be released this year and one of the launch games will be Wii Sports, including tenis. At a games convention last week this was one of the biggest hits and I WAS originally really excited about it too, but now less so.

Basically the whole point of the new console is the controller, which can detect ANY movement you make with it and the force with which you do it too. So the tennis game is played by you based on the movements you make with your hand. Apparently the game is so sophisticated you can do lobs, slices, top spin and long, short or angld shots all at the flick of the wrist, as if you were actually playing tennis.

It sounds fantastic, and all the coments I read are very very positive. The one downside is that the computer controls the movement of the player itslef, you are only in charge of shot selection, which to me removes a whole load of skill from the game. But there are rumours that since it is just a demo version, more options will be added to the game when released. Hope so anyway.

Here is a link to a game site that explains it more with a video.