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May 22nd, 2002, 06:39 PM
There is already little of that Yugoslav girl who landed of blow (1989) in a tour of tennis for olders (Navratilova and Graf). Now, like then, Mónica Seles has known to stay like assets of ránking (she is the six of the WTA) who has changed of priorities. " Its good for women tennis the mixture that exists of footbridge and game because it has given much publicity to our circuit.

Under this reflection, which Mónica cannot repress a smile, the testimony takes shelter of a player who has seen disappear of the locker rooms of the tournamnets the reference tennis players. "Before, with Graf or Navratilova were clear numbers one, now no longer exist number one but many good players. For that reason, it is more funny to play against all", it explains Seles, the reclamation, with Arantxa, of the Villa de Madrid, in which today they make debut.

As a triple Roland Garros champion, Mónica every time begins to listen more the word retirement:" Tennis has been my sport since i was child and its still funny for me to be in the court. I have still not thought about retirement, not even in a future, although I know clearly that I will only leave the competition when i dont get fun. Anyway, I know clearly that when leaves tennis I do not want to be vinculated this sport. It has been my profession during many years, but when i leaves it I will do it forever.

In this speech of activist of tennis, Seles agglutinates two of hers generation partners like Arantxa and Conchita: "For me its an error that they want to rejoice already Conchita and Arantxa. This last one, for example, is placed in position eighteen of the world and still has much to teach in the circuit". Neither the Spaniards nor Seles, in spite of the attempts of Richard Williams, will live like tennis players some on the map courses on future that outlined the North American player. "I hope that in just a short time, men and women receives the same in Grand Slam., although that subject does not worry to me much. The battle of sexes?" (therefore one defined to the hipótetico divided between the McEnroe and the Williams) "I have only listened the rumors. I do not have idea of which will happen, but i believe that mixed tennis would be interesting. Time will say "..

Sorry i used a translator (being not a Seles fan i didnt want to waste time ;) j/k)

The report is from "Marca" a spanis newspaper

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May 22nd, 2002, 06:45 PM
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