View Full Version : who has the best voice?

May 21st, 2002, 04:22 PM
my choice: monica seles

her voice is soooooooo cute:hearts: :hearts: :lick: :lick: :drool:

May 21st, 2002, 04:54 PM
Anna Kournikova

May 21st, 2002, 05:11 PM
Alicia Molick :)

May 21st, 2002, 05:21 PM
Monica (obivously), but to be different, I like Hingis' voice.

May 21st, 2002, 06:29 PM
Amelie, of course, and I like Justine's voice also.

May 21st, 2002, 06:51 PM
Lindsay, she is very comnfident when talking and doesn't talk shit!!!!

May 21st, 2002, 06:51 PM
I think Andre is very well spoken & Elena D. seems pretty shy but when she talks, she's very clear & has lots of interesting well thought out things to say. I like to hear what most any player has to say but I have no idea who I'd pick for my fav voice.. I never thought of it before.

Mark Spruce
May 21st, 2002, 06:59 PM
Mary Pierce



May 21st, 2002, 08:34 PM
Lindsay and Monica, they have such cute voices.

May 21st, 2002, 08:37 PM
Gala León´s voice is quite sweet :kiss:

May 21st, 2002, 08:42 PM
Anna :hearts:

May 21st, 2002, 09:03 PM
Kafelnikov and Rios.

May 21st, 2002, 09:57 PM
Novotna!!!!! Love her accent!!!

Pamela Shriver
May 21st, 2002, 09:59 PM
I have the best voice.

May 21st, 2002, 11:19 PM
Amélie! (Wow,.......that French accent!!!) :drool: :hearts: :kiss:

May 21st, 2002, 11:20 PM
Serena Jameka Williams has the sweetest and the most vibrant voice of all. I can imagine when she sings. She'd sound like Whitney Houston or maybe Lauryn Hill. They've got Serena-type-voices when they talk.:wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:

May 21st, 2002, 11:21 PM
Daniela Hantuchova.
In English and Slovak :drool: :kiss: :angel: :drool:

May 21st, 2002, 11:25 PM
Lindsay (she has a relaxed, casual voice) and Anna.:)

May 21st, 2002, 11:35 PM
Macy Gray
Betty Boop
Grace Jones

May 21st, 2002, 11:47 PM

she sorta has this cute lisp....whatta serb... hehe... i love you MON! :hearts:

May 21st, 2002, 11:57 PM
Monica, Lindsay, Arantxa

Love the accents: Daniela, Anastasia, Justine, Anna K., Anne K., Amanda, Kveta

May 22nd, 2002, 12:39 AM
Serena and Justine

May 22nd, 2002, 03:12 AM
K i'll be the first for my fave, JELENA DOKIC

how could you all not vote for beauty jelena?
her sweet aussie accent mixed with that nice voice,
she sounds like a real lady, she is grate!!

good luck jelena in strasbourg!

Williams Rulez
May 22nd, 2002, 09:23 AM
Venus... love her accent and her voice... it is so dreamy and angelic... :hearts: :angel:

May 22nd, 2002, 09:27 AM
Monica and Amanda have a cute voice!

May 22nd, 2002, 10:48 AM
I agree with cmon kim - Alicia Molik:hearts: :hearts: So nice and smooth;);)

Tammy's is cute:kiss: ;) :angel:

May 22nd, 2002, 12:58 PM
Just the sound of the voice right...Lindsay, and Kim when she's talking Flemish

Loyal Selesian
May 22nd, 2002, 06:39 PM
cute voice combine with cute smile awwwwwww :kiss: MONICA

May 22nd, 2002, 06:45 PM
ASV when she speaks German:D
Kimmy even if it's hard to follow sometimes because it goes faster then fast;)

Tatiana Panova
May 23rd, 2002, 10:31 PM
Voices are just so important:

Lindsay - very articulate and very casual. Very easy on the ears.

Jelena - her Aussie accent is just so cute.

Seles - talks pretty quick but pretty cute and very high-pitched?

Martina - she seems to slur a bit like she is drunk?!

Serena - very direct and clear.

Venus - a little dreamy and convoluted but very funny to listen to.

Mary - ever the actress, she is very articulate and sometimes you wonder if she's there for an audition!

Jen - not my fave - not a bad speaker but just really boring sometimes.

Kim - way too fast

Chanda Rubin - I love her Louisiana accent!

Jana and Daniela - sound pretty similar - like they should be in a Bond movie

Elena - very giddy and slightly manic

Anna - always has an tone of surprise in her voice

Steffi - I love German accents and she has a lot of humour and humanity in her voice

I'm beat!

May 23rd, 2002, 11:36 PM

May 23rd, 2002, 11:43 PM