View Full Version : About the actress contest

Apr 17th, 2006, 10:41 PM
hey i think its a great idea, and youve done a great job ilsting everyone, bib, i just wanted to nit pick a little as theres some shockling inclusion which make the shocking exclusions even more shocking.

If its about great actress, what the hell is Maggie Smith not doing on there? shes considered one of the great 'real' actresses, in the same light as Judi Dench.

Also, if your including singers like Madonna - who, altho my idol, is an awful actress - shes only had a couple of average roles, whereas someone like Dolly Parton has had some fantastic and hiighly acclaimed roles (9 to 5, Steel magnolias)

I know your not british but Julie Walters and Julie Christie are both oscar nominated actresses and should have been included. If you are including Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, then Joanna Lumley must be included too.

i cant believe idiots like Paris hilton are getting votes when there are real actresses being ignored.

in the 128 at leats, I think you should create 4 wildcard places for Maggie Smith, Julie Walters, Julie Christie and Dolly Parton. theres a few more great actresses that are missing.,

Apr 17th, 2006, 10:47 PM
Meh. Just wait til the round of 16 when most of the chaff, and probably most of the great actresses are gone. It'll be Drew vs. Natalie vs. Cameron etc.