View Full Version : Who here owns a dell notebook/laptop? Laptop suggestions wanted?

Apr 15th, 2006, 06:56 AM
Because I'm considering purchasing a Dell notebook, particularly the Inspiron 1505. I have a pretty good knowledge of PCs, but I've never owned a laptop before. I'm a bit skeptical, particularly with the screen size and quality. This notebook is 15.4, and I don't think I want to go 17 inch because that'll be a bit large if I decide to take to classes.

But anyway, thoughts? ideas? issues about laptops. Do share :) Particularly the quality of Dell's notebook screens. I've already received some opinions, although I'm the type that has to have a gazillion opinions. As far as needs...for me the screen is my major question (perhaps you could tell me your screen size and your opinion of it). I wouldn't be using it for heavy gaming...that's what my xbox is for ;) But I would be using for classes of course and then the basic downloading/listening to music, working on my website, using flash and photoshop etc. etc. Watching dvds from time to time.