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Apr 13th, 2006, 04:28 AM
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In the last few weeks, Jelena has pulled out of the following tournaments on the ITF Women's Circuit:
* ITF Pelham & ITF Putignano (week of 3rd April)
* ITF Dothan (week of 17th April) - withdrew 27th March
* ITF Bari (week of 17th April) - withdrew 12th April

We don't know the reason for these withdrawals. One rumour is that Jelena has been ill, another is that she has lost her motivation after her devastating first-round losses at Auckland and the Australian Open, where she capitulated in the third sets after squandering chances to win both matches in two sets.

ITF WOMEN'S CIRCUIT (Biarritz, France; clay; ITF $25k)
Qualifying: First round (Sunday 9th April)

- Jelena Dokic lt. Eleonora Punzo, 7-5 7-5

Punzo is a 20-year-old Italian girl ranked #678 in the world, while Jelena, who turned 23 on Wednesday, is ranked #446 this week.

Punzo had a 2-7 win/loss record for 2006 going into this tournament, with most of the losses coming against players ranked worse than #500, and Punzo winning five games or fewer. Punzo lost 6-0 6-0 no fewer than three times in 2005. After beating Jelena here, Punzo lost 6-4 6-1 to #701 Louise Doutrelant in the second qualifying-round.

In other words, Jelena lost to a player whom, under normal circumstances, she could have beaten with her legs tied together so that she had to hop around the court like a kangaroo - which is what she seems to be best at, after all! ;)

Andrew's homily

It's increasingly difficult to know what's going on with Jelena these days, and she's all the more intriguing for her mystique.

Perhaps she has not fully recovered from her rumoured illness. Perhaps she's playing dole-misère. Or perhaps the real Jelena has been kidnapped by her father, who sent Jelena's secret identical twin sister to play in her name. ;)

It's Jelena's head that determines the outcome of her matches - often much more than the abilities of her opponent.

Is life just a tape, or is it actors miming?

It's entirely plausible to me that Jelena just treated this tournament as an experiment, to see where her game is at: that she rushed her way through the points, went for her shots without compromise, and was more concerned with her winner-to-unforced-error ratio than actually doing what was necessary to beat Eleonora Punzo.

And why shouldn't Jelena play like that until such time as her game returns? If she just kept the ball in play, she might beat the likes of Punzo on the ITF circuit, but that's not the sort of player she would want to be, or what she needs to do to succeed on the WTA Tour!

In the long term, getting her 'A' game back is more important than winning matches in the short term.

Pleasing her fans is the least of Jelena's worries right now. It's at times like these that I'm glad I'm a life-professed Jelena-fan.

We certainly have no right to judge Jelena harshly after everything she's been through - especially when we don't even know the full story.

Precious and fragile things need special handling.

The Future

Jelena is still committed to the following ITF tournaments:
* ITF Cagnes-sur-Mer (week of 24th April)
* ITF Catania (week of 1st May)

Tennis Australia have announced a play-off to determine which Australian woman gets a wild card into the French Open (the French and Australians have a reciprocal agreement for getting into each other's draws).

As I understand it, this wild-card play-off will be held a couple of days before the French Open qualifying (week of 22nd May). A chance for Jelena to win a wild card for the French Open, as she did in December for the Australian Open!

And Wimbledon would be mad not to give Jelena a wild card, given her record there - the amazing 6-2 6-0 victory over top seed Martina Hingis in 1999, and reaching the semi-finals in 2000 - not to mention her popularity. My dream is to see Jelena win Wimbledon as a wild card, like Goran Ivanisevic on the men's side in 2001.

Jelena has also been offered a place on the Australian Institute of Sport Squad.
http://tennisrulz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3767 (http://tennisrulz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3767)
The AIS Tennis program promotes excellence in tennis, and is designed to encourage players to work to their full potential, providing a supportive team of professionals and coaches who can help them with anything from psychological techniques to correct foot-placement.

For a period during the Australian winter, there is an extensive international competition schedule for all players.

This may make Jelena look like a remedial case, but it sounds like it could be beneficial.

Dr. Andrew Broad
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Apr 13th, 2006, 10:29 AM
Good analyse... ;)
I really think Jelena should accept the AIS offer...and i would love to see her be in the fight for the RG Wildcard too! Please Jelena accept the wonderful offers!! :)

Apr 13th, 2006, 06:33 PM
ohh i hope she joins AIS... if she doesnt she is CRAZY and doesnt wanna play tennis anymore!

May 19th, 2006, 01:06 AM
Jelena survived a car-crash in Zagreb on 26th April. It seems that her boyfriend Tino Bikic attacked a paparazzo who was trying to take candid photos. By the grace of God, nobody got hurt and the only damage was, presumably, to the vehicles involved.

Article in Croatian (with photos):
http://www.jutarnji.hr/dogadjaji_dana/clanak/art-2006,4,26,napadnut_fotoreporter,23505.jl (http://www.jutarnji.hr/dogadjaji_dana/clanak/art-2006,4,26,napadnut_fotoreporter,23505.jl)

FRENCH OPEN (Roland Garros, Paris, France; red clay; Grand Slam)
=========== http://www.rolandgarros.org/ (http://www.rolandgarros.org/)

Jelena didn't get a wild card for the French Open, nor will she feature in this weekend's play-off to determine which Australian gets a wild card into the French Open (the competitors are Nicole Pratt, Casey Dellacqua, Sophie Ferguson and Alicia Molik).

ITF WOMEN'S CIRCUIT http://www.itftennis.com/womens/ (http://www.itftennis.com/womens/)

As of 10th May, Jelena has yet to take up Tennis Australia's offer of a place on the AIS squad (remedial tennis-training), and they don't know the nature of the injury/injuries which are presumed to be the cause of her numerous withdrawals from tournaments on the ITF Women's Circuit:

8th May: ITF Monzon (withdrew 4th May)
15th May: ITF Caserta (withdrew 4th May)
15th May: ITF Saint Gaudens (withdrew 4th May)
22nd May: ITF Campobasso (withdrew 11th May)
22nd May: ITF La Palma (withdrew 8th May)
29th May: ITF Galatina (withdrew 16th May)

Jelena is still committed to the following tournaments:
5th June: ITF Grado
5th June: ITF Prostejov

Dr. Andrew Broad
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http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Jelena_Dokic_Players_Lounge_II/ (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Jelena_Dokic_Players_Lounge_II/)
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May 19th, 2006, 08:49 AM
Tnx for the info Andrew.

But I'm beginning to think that she has given up Tennis, this time for good.

She did'nt even enter the Events held in Croatia, and now she would only be allowed to play $10k events I think.

Being ranked over 600+ is a real mountain to climb.

She could do it, but maybe she has had enough. :sad:

May 19th, 2006, 11:15 AM
can someone confirm that Dado Majoli is currently Jelena's coach?