View Full Version : Racquet Question

Apr 12th, 2006, 07:50 PM
So my boyfriend wants to but a new tennis raquet and I have some questions for all you pros out there, hahahaha...

I know he wants to buy one in the O series, but we dont know which one. We dont in tournaments, just recreationally. Not sure why he wants SUCH a good one but hey, its hismoney, hahahaha. Anyway so which one would you guys recommend for him, we play just about everyday and he has a pretty tough forehand and slices his backhand a lot.....

And another ????, as much as I love tennis I dont fully understand tension and all that stuff..... For someone with his type of game what should the tension, etc be? How do you figure that stuff out???

Any sugesstions would be appreciated, thanks and hope everyone has been well!!! :wavey: