View Full Version : If you considering seeing Lindsay play don't book tickets in advance

Mar 11th, 2006, 06:33 AM
I found this article on the tennisweek web site this morning ans thought it might of interest to all of you. Also its important that you are all aware of this. That's why I put it in a new thread.


In a nutshell the tour has a policy where players have to committ to 13 tournments and grand slams regardless if they indent on playing in them. If you don't play in them you just withdraw. May I add Lindsay is not happy about the policy either.

Click the above link if you want to read the full article as this now affects Lindsay as she has told the WTA officials she will not play a full schedule any more. I would hate to see a repeat of happended to Andrew in Philly last year to any of you. I think the simple answer is don't buy tickets in advance in case Lindsay enters and then withdraws but once you're read the article it up to you what you do.