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Mar 8th, 2006, 05:36 PM
Top 200 stats

In red, girls who are under 20

GROENEFELD Anna Lena -Germany -20 y.o -former best ranking:19 -NEW:18
KIRILENKO Maria -Russia -19 y.o -former best ranking:23 -NEW:22
MEDINA GARRIGUES Anabel -Spain -23 y.o -former best ranking:25 -NEW:24
KOUKALOVA Klara -Czech Republic -24 y.o -former best ranking:28 -NEW:27
ARVIDSSON Sofia -Sweden -22 y.o -former best ranking:32 -NEW:31
VINCI Roberta -Italy -23 y.o -former best ranking:40 -NEW:37
DOMINGUEZ LINO Lourdes -Spain -24 y.o -former best ranking:55 -NEW:54
SCHRUFF Julia -Germany -23 y.o -former best ranking:68 -NEW:59
LAINE Emma -Finland -19 y.o -former best ranking:70 -NEW:67
ANI Maret -Estonia -24 y.o -former best ranking:82 -NEW:77
GAJDOSOVA Jarmila -18 y.o -former best ranking:117 -NEW:106
BLAHOTOVA Olga -Czech Republic -30 y.o -former best ranking:155 -NEW:147
BARROIS Kristina -Germany - 24 y.o -former best ranking:177 -NEW:165


Julia continues her rising in the Top ranking reaching her 1rst Tier II Quater final in Doha last week. As unseeded, she ousted n8 seed/n21 Jelena Jankovic before loosing to eventual veteran and surprising semi finalist n26 Ai Sugiyama. Another effort and she'll belong to the Top 50 elite.

Maret ANI:
From 2001 to 2004, Maret was a 2nd role player ranked between 150 and 200. She levelled up her game in 2005 breaking the Top 100. She's up 5 spots from her previous best this week after her 1rst ever Semi Final on the WTA Tour at Acapulco Tier III $180K ousting 7th seed/n43 veteran Anna Smashnova before loosing to top seed/n20 Flavia Pennetta.

2 weeks ago and for the 2nd week in a row, Jarmila won a $25K challenger in Australia. As 1rst seed, she only lost 1 set en route for the title. She's now closed to the Top 100 and she'll now be able to play upper tournements due to her new ranking.

At the age of 30, Olga is breaking the Top 150 for the 1rst time! 2weeks ago, she reached the semi final in Biberach $25K challenger falling to 6th seed/n180 Kristina Barrois.

Kristina BARROIS:
For the 2nd time this year, Kristina won a $25K challenger (1rst Belfort, and Biberach 2 weeks ago). In Biberach as 6th seed, she ousted Top seed/n145 Sabine Klaschka and 3rd seed/n157 Olga Blahotova. Kristina is on the way to break the Top 150 very soon.

FASTER MOVEMENTS IN THE TOP 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, 200

TOP 10:
Justine HENIN HARDENNE n3 (+1): without playing, Justine overtakes Lindsay Davenport in the wolrd ranking.
Nadia PETROVA n7 (+1): once again Nadia is finding back the 7th position in the world ranking capturing her 2nd career WTA title at Doha Tier II $600K. She beat top seed/n2 Amelie Mauresmo in final preventing her from returning to the n1 Position in the world.

TOP 20:
Anna Lena GROENEFELD n18 (+4): see above.

TOP 50:
Martina HINGIS n32 (+12): Martina keeps rising in the ranking weeks after weeks. She's up 12 spots this week after a semi final in Doha Tier II $600K. As WC, she overpowered 3rd seed/n11 Francesca Schiavone (dropping only 3 games), and 6th seed/n14 Svetlana Kuznetsova before falling to eventual runner up and Top seed/n2 Amelie Mauresmo. Martina has one goal for the next Grand Slam....being Top 16 seed at least.

TOP 100:
Shenay PERRY n94 (+26): After several weeks out of the top 100, shenay is back in! she won $75K Las Vegas challenger ousting 7th seed/n119 Yvonne Meusburger, 1rst seed/n53 Laura Granville and 3rd seed/n74 Emma Laine!

TOP 150:
Jarmila GAJDOSOVA n106 (+15): see above

[COLOR=Red]TOP 200:
Natalia GUSSONI n164 (+31): At the age of 24 y.o, Natalia reached her 1rst ever single Tour Quater Final in Acapulco Tier III $180K. In the qualies, she ousted Top seed/n100 Anastasiya Yakimova then she beat n80 Zuzana Ondraskova and WC n136 Katerina Bohmova before falling to n49 Emilie Loit.

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Mar 8th, 2006, 06:28 PM
Thanks fredbdx! I love reading these! :worship: :cool:

Yay Go Julia!!!!!!!!!!! :hearts: :bounce:

Also well done Jarmila, ALG and Anabel. ;)

Mar 8th, 2006, 06:29 PM
Are you sure Anna-Lena had been world#19 before ?? I thought her best ranking was 21...

Mar 8th, 2006, 06:46 PM
Nope. It was definitely 19...

Mar 8th, 2006, 06:51 PM
Nope. It was definitely 19...

I was so happy that she finally got into the top 20 :lol:

Do you know when it was ? (I could I miss it ??? :eek: )

Mar 8th, 2006, 07:00 PM
Thanks fredbdx! I love reading these! :worship: :cool:

Yay Go Julia!!!!!!!!!!! :hearts: :bounce:

Also well done Jarmila, ALG and Anabel. ;)

Thanks for your cheering !!!

Considering Anna Lena, she reached the n19 ranking in October 2005 (October 3, 2005). ;)