View Full Version : Challenges by the players will be detrimental to the game

Mar 7th, 2006, 07:30 AM
Improving the accuracy of line-calling is a good idea.
However this new system has nothing to do with improving the accuracy of line-calling.
Using an automatic line calling system, could make line calling very accurate. It is allready being used on the service line. This could be extended to all the lines.
Line-calling is a refereeing function of the game. It should be performed by the officials of the game not the participants. In pick up games you do your own line-calling. However when you have a serious game you call in a referee for line-calling. This improves the fairness of line-calling and allows the participants to fully concentrate on playing the game.
This makes for a better and fairer game.
If you seriously want to improve the accuracy of line-calling, by using video-replay, this function should be performed by the referee or some other official.

The players should have nothing to do with line-calling. Officiating functions are most fairly performed by impartial third parties.

Why are they adding it if it does not improve line-calling?
They feel that it will add to the entertainment of the fans. Fans attention will be increased by the replays and the drama of players making bad or good decisions about challenges.

They do not care about the quality of play.
What they care about is how much attention viewer's pay when watching the program and its ADDS on T.V.
The higher the viewing audience and the higher the attention of the viewers the higher the price for the adds.
There is a whole industry studying the effectiveness of adds and programs.
The big seller these days is audience participation or viewer involvement by whatever gimmick.

Player challenges are being instituted to make more money not to improve or make the game fairer.

Mar 7th, 2006, 07:38 AM
Well, the only automated system we have is cyclops, which isn't so great. It tends to beep sometimes when it shouldn't.

The system where the players make the challenge is based on video footage. And I guess it since it takes a bit of time to make up the picture that shows the flight of the ball (hence the breaks while waiting for hawk-eye calls) an automatic system would be very time consuming. If no one complains, then out calls would be made after the ball actually misses, while the players are still rallying, and it'd be inconvenient.

Not to mention it completely removes the human element. Linespeople and umpires would be completely removed.