View Full Version : Elena IN Topspin 2?

Mar 1st, 2006, 01:58 AM
I remember we had a thread about Elena not being on the list of players featuring in Topspin 2.

But there is a Top Spin 2 article and pics posted in GM, and Elena is in one of the pics. Anyone have a clue what's going on?

Could she be a secret/hidden character? :p

Mar 2nd, 2006, 01:02 PM
oo is she!! well i have top spin 1 for PC ,and I made my own "Lena" using the character Editor ,kinda looks more like her really ,a little more buff ,but would be great if shes in top spin2!!

Mar 2nd, 2006, 01:46 PM
Pfft, Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 for PS2 rules all the way!
Elena was the first player I created. Unfortunately, back then, I had no idea what the various skills stood for. :lol:

E.g.: 'meet' Had no idea what that was about. Now I know it enables you to hit sharp angles. :)

My ignorance resulted in the stats not being completely adequate. Her groundstrokes are not really that big, she hits 180km/h serves ( :haha: ), barely double faults ( :haha: :haha: :haha: ), but she does have great stats for volley and slice and dash.
But what do I care! It's Lena! :D

Mar 3rd, 2006, 02:09 PM
Yeah SCTPT2 rules!!!!!
*Ahem*........ just wanted to make that clear.

Mar 3rd, 2006, 02:18 PM
Yeah, it does! :lol:

Mar 3rd, 2006, 10:24 PM
What is this Topspin?? A games ?? For PC or console ??

Mar 3rd, 2006, 11:08 PM
yes its available for PC and Cosole... a great tennis game

Mar 4th, 2006, 06:51 AM
Cool.... so no one has any explaination as to why she is in the picture but not on the player list?

Anyway, as if Smash court is any good. It doesn't have Elena.

Mar 4th, 2006, 07:05 AM
Maybe she was a late add or they just forgot to name her. Game development goes through sooooooo many changes before the end product comes out.

Mar 4th, 2006, 12:50 PM
Lets hope shes in it ,topspin minus Lena just wouldnt be the same...

Mar 6th, 2006, 06:35 PM
Well, you can always try to track down an old copy of WTA Tennis like I have.

Sure, it's nearly unplayable and the graphics, while decent are badly dated.

BUT . . .

it has Lena.

In fact, it has Lena with baaaaaaaaannnnnngggggs . . .:drool: :drool: :hearts:

Mar 13th, 2006, 04:29 AM
This game is going to on one of those new fangled XBOX 360's or PS3 right?

Mar 13th, 2006, 05:03 AM
whoops, look what I found


Mar 13th, 2006, 08:45 PM
Well, I'm little disapointed with graphics - it's not great

Mar 13th, 2006, 09:29 PM
Compared to what you see in other games you're right, in some sports games you can actually see the players sweat! They look REALLY real. Here it just looks like video game Lena.

Mar 13th, 2006, 10:00 PM
hmmm theres a thought Video game Lena!!! Why cant Lena have a video game all to herself ,just about her!! be great!!

Hey Norge ,wlecome aboard by the way ,if you wanna join us aboard the SS Dementieva ,please do!! all crew are welcome...

Mar 18th, 2006, 05:29 AM
She's in!!!!


Go to the game features and it has:

Best of the Best
Features 24 of the world's top ranked professional tennis stars like Maria Sharapova, Andy Roddick, Roger Federer, Venus Williams, Lindsay Davenport, Lleyton Hewitt, Carlos Moya, Tommy Haas, James Blake, Elena Dementieva, Amelie Mauresmo and more!

Unfortunately though, the pictures on the site look crap... graphics aren't as hot as you'd like and they have pictures of Amelie and James Blake with two handed backhands :tape:

Mar 18th, 2006, 11:54 AM
Unfortunately though, the pictures on the site look crap... graphics aren't as hot as you'd like and they have pictures of Amelie and James Blake with two handed backhands :tape:
OMG it must be a joke

Mar 20th, 2006, 02:14 PM
Next thing we know Lena's a big server :haha: