View Full Version : El comienzo de la temporada de tierra para Benesova, Vamos y Buena Suerte Iveta!

Feb 25th, 2006, 03:43 PM
:lol: @ the title... cuz i had some Spanish lessons i wanted to practice again, and as well as the Abierto Mexicano Open is played in México, which is a Spanish speaking country, i found it funny to use a Spanish thread title for Iveta's Acapulco tournament.

Anyways all the best wished to Iveta, it will be her first clayevent of 2006, let's hope Iveta will have a great Acapulco tournament again...

Vamos y Buena Suerta Iveta, i'll post the draw in here when it'll be out, if it isn't posted yet if its there, feel free to post...

Feb 28th, 2006, 04:04 PM
Well nobody posted here yet?, strange prob. becuz of the name :p :lol:

Anyways here's the draw:

1)Flavia Pennetta vs. Antonella Serra-Zanetti
Tathiana Garbin vs. Lourdes Dominguez-Lino
Hana Sromova vs. Q
Kaia Kanepi vs. (6)Iveta Benesova

(3)Klara Koukalova vs. Q
Laura Pous-Tio vs. Maria Antonia Sanchez-Lorenzo
Maret Ani vs. (wc)Melissa Torres
(wc)Daniela Muñoz vs. (7)Anna Smashnova

(8)Shinobu Asagoe vs. (wc)Katerina Bohmova
Q vs. Zuzana Ondraskova
Bethanie Mattek vs. Emmanuelle Gagliardi
Emilie Loit vs. (4)Gisela Dulko

(5)Catalina Castaño vs. Conchita Martinez-Granados
Mariana Diaz-Oliva vs. Meghann Shaughnessy
Q vs. Arantxa Parra
Kristina Brandi vs. (2)Anna-Lena Groenefeld

Iveta won her first round match at Acapulco, so a good start of Acapulco..., hoping on some upsets caused by Iveta :)

C'mon Iveta, let's just continue like this from now :D

Yellow Moon
Mar 1st, 2006, 03:46 PM
Of course we are here with Iveta, all the way through falls :( and victories :D. First round pics:

Yellow Moon
Mar 2nd, 2006, 11:05 PM
bummer, Iveta's productive stay in Acapulco's paradise is over :( . Just like in singles, she got bumped in the secound round in dbls 75 63 by fellow Czechs Narvratilova G/Uhlirova. Must be a mental drag on a former champ here to exit so soon :sad: . Rest, and get on with new goals Iveta! We'll see you at the next tourney :lick:!