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Feb 18th, 2006, 06:01 AM
Here are sum rude sayings and swear words in different languages so you can go and yell out these words to your friends or ya parents and they won't know what the hell your going on about. LOL!!!!


merde - shit
manges la merde - eat shit
tu me fais chier - you're pissing me off
vas faire foutre a la cache - go fuck a cow
encule - fuck you
salope, ordure, conasse, poofias - bitch
va te faire voir - go to hell
vas te faire foutre - go get fucked
vas te faire encule - fuck you
fils de pute - son of a bitch
tu m'emmerdes! - Fuck yourself!
le con, la conasse, la chatte - ****
baiser - To fuck
ce sont des conneries - That's a load of shit
leche moi et saire me renier - lick me and make me cum
putain, pute - whore
cul - ass
bite - cock
paure con - asshole
c'est rien que de la merde - Its just a bunch of shit
maudite vache - asshole / bitch
va chier - Go shit
tu mangeras le tas - You can eat the pile


Blodes Arschloch - stupid asshole
Dummes Huhn - stupid chicken
Scheisse - shit
Fotze - ****
Blode Fotze - stupid ****
Mutterficker - motherfucker
Hurensohn - son of a bitch
hure - whore
Depp - idiot
Drecksau - dirty pig
Arschgesicht - Assface
Fick dich! - Fuck You
Fick mich - Fuck me
Schlampe - Tramp or Slut
das geht dich einen feuchten Scheissdreck an - None of your fucking business
Auf Wiedersehen Fickakopf - Goodbye fuckhead
Leck mich am Arsch - Lick my ass
mach es dir selber - Go fuck yourself
scheissekopf - shithead
Lichten mein asch. - kiss my ass


puttana - whore
fungula - fuck
merda - shit
Vaffanculo - fuck off
No Skuche ala Gats! - What the fuck do you want from my balls?
Posse mangiare tu fiaga - Could I eat your pussy?
Tu mardre come butse pecie - Your mom smells like fish!
un chessa - You have the body of a toilet bowl
chesso - ******
fa mi un bachino - Suck my dick


Chingas tu madre - Fuck your mom
Mierde - Shit
Chupa me, puto - Suck me, asshole!
chupe me verga / chupa me la peha - Suck my dick
puta - whore
puto - dickhead, asshole
chingar -To fuck
cagar - to shit
chupar - to suck
verga - dick
panocha - pussy
culo - ass
chinchis - breasts
Cago en tu leche - I shit in your milk
hacete cojer - Go and get fucked
hijo de mil putas - son of thousand bitches
metete un palo en el culo - shove a stick up your ass

Feb 18th, 2006, 07:15 AM
chinchis - breasts LOL

Feb 18th, 2006, 07:16 AM
I'd do the Serbian version - but its kinda rude - i'm a good boy :)

Feb 18th, 2006, 08:55 AM
I'd do the Serbian version - but its kinda rude - i'm a good boy :)
Kinda rude is a huge understatement...:eek: :lol:

Feb 18th, 2006, 09:47 AM
Welsh swear words:

Cachau bant - Fuck Off
Cach - Shit
Ast - Bitch
Twllt din - Asshole
Hwran - Whore
Haliwr - Wanker
Pisho bant - Piss Off
Uffar gwirion - Silly Bastard

My personal favourite:
Cau Dy wyneb a Ffwcio dy ewyrth! - Shut Your Fucking Face Uncle Fuck! ;)

Feb 18th, 2006, 11:57 AM
Lots of mistakes in French and Italian (and some of them must be quebecois french... maudite vache? Who says this in France? :p)

Sam's Slave
Feb 18th, 2006, 12:40 PM

Blodes Arschloch - stupid asshole
Blode Fotze - stupid ****
Auf Wiedersehen Fickakopf - Goodbye fuckhead
mach es dir selber - Go fuck yourself
scheissekopf - shithead
Lichten mein asch. - kiss my ass

it`s bloedes or blödes arschloch and blöde or bloede fotze.
i never heard someone say fickakopf and if this word really exists than it's Fickerkopf and not fickakopf.
noone says scheissekopf....
and what the hell is lichten mein asch??? if you wanna say kiss my ass it's küss meinen arsch or leck mich am arsch