View Full Version : Mary storms out of party after Jamie invites K-Ci

Wendy Williams
Feb 13th, 2006, 05:26 PM
Blige 'Love' changes to anger


Looks like Jamie Foxx better send Mary J. Blige some flowers and quick.

I hear the R&B diva has been upset with the multitalented Foxx whose latest album, "Unpredictable," is topping the charts ever since he invited her on his recent NBC special with the promise that if she joined him in their duet from his CD, "Love Changes," she could sing a solo from her own popular album, "The Breakthrough."

At the December taping, Blige did the duet and sang the solo "Be Without You" only to learn the terrible truth at a viewing party for the Jan. 25 broadcast that her solo had ended up on the cutting-room floor.

That was bad enough.

But Blige was still ready to suck it up and join Foxx in a performance of "Love Changes" at music mogul Clive Davis' celeb-studded pre-Grammys party at the Beverly Hilton last week.

Then Blige discovered that Foxx had enlisted the vocal group Jodeci to perform featuring one K-Ci Hailey.

Hailey was Blige's boyfriend years ago, before Blige found religion, redeemed her life from cocaine and alcohol addiction and married music exec Kendu Isaacs. Her relationship with Hailey had been publicly tumultuous and emotionally abusive. He remains a painful memory, and Blige had no wish to revive it.

So, before her moment on stage with Foxx, she stormed out of the party, according to witnesses, and "American Idol's" Fantasia was recruited to take her place.

A spokesman for Geffen Records, Blige's label, said she left because of an early-morning rehearsal. Foxx's flack, Alan Nierob, was skeptical about the story. "I know that Jamie Foxx adores Mary J. Blige and considers her a very close friend," Nierob told me.