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Jan 13th, 2006, 03:54 PM
Tennis Tipping | Australian Open


Welcome to Melbourne, Australia! The first Grand Slam of the year is also the first Tennis Tipping event. Read the rules and sign-up information and then decide to join!

What is Tennis Tipping?

Tennis Tipping is an idea of DeccyB123 on MensTennisForums.com, where it will also start for the first time during the Australian Open. In the game, participants pick the winners of all main draw matches and are placed in a knock-out system. That means each participant plays a different participants and whoever predicted the winner of most matches correctly, moves on to the next round.

The Number Of Participants Per Round:

R128 - 64 Players
R64 - 32 Players
R32 - 16 Players
R16 - 8 Players
QF - 4 Players
SF + F - 2 Players

As you can see, each round half of the participants are knocked out.



- In case of a tie, a tie-breaker match for which the score (as opposed to just the winner) is given, will decide who moves on to the next round. For all participants, this tie-breaker match is the same and will be assigned beforehand.
- In case a participant does not send in picks, he or she is forfeited and his or her opponent wins by walkover. If both players did not send in picks, they will be replaced by a lucky loser, which is defined as the participant with the most correct picks who still lost his or her match.
- In case a player (i.e. the actual WTA Player) retires in a match, this match will be cancelled and not taken into consideration when calculating the number of correct picks. If players are replaced by a lucky loser after the start of Tennis Tipping, these matches will also be cancelled.

How to sign up:


Go to the link above and post :)

It is also possible to send a PM or notify me otherwise, as long as you know before the start of the First Round matches.


How to send in picks:

Picks can be sent in as soon as all qualifiers have been placed. Remember, you pick a winner in every match! Picks should be sent by PM, so that your opponent does not know your picks. No changes can be made.

It may sound a bit complicated, but it is actually really really simple! So sign up for the Tennis Tipping event of the Australian Open!