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Serena def. Schett 6-3, 6-2 (post-match interview)
Serena Williams - Barbara Schett 6:3, 6:2

Question (Q): How would you asess that match?
Williams: Both of us could have played better. My mum was a little disappointed.

Q: You were making some good returns today.
Willimas: Me? Not me, not today.

Q: It doesn't matter what surface you play on. When you hit the ball it stays hit. Does this concince you that you can win a clay court title?
Williams: I think the moment I get on clay my mind changes. Normally, I try and hit winners, but on clay I move the ball around more, I start to add more spin and don't go for so many winners.

Williams: I am going to asess my match tonight. I will have to play better tomorrow, but with every round it gets better. However, I was surprised that I had to play such a tough match in my first round. A score which is 6:4, 6:3 could have been 6:1, 6:0. I like to win my matches quickly because otherwise I wear myself out too much.

Q: Is that important?
Williams: I think it is important for others.

Q: Do you work on the amount of unforced errors? Do you talk about that?
Williams: Yes, I do. Also today it was so bright out there. The last days have been gloomy and dull, but today it was really bright.

Q: Do you prefer it this way?
Williams: Yes, when it is too cold my cheeks begin to freeze.

Q: Do you find it easier to adjust to European clay?
Williams: I guess so. I had an easy time adjusting last year. I really felt good on clay.

Q: We know you and Venus are close, but did beating her for the first time free something within yourself?
Williams: Actually, it was the second time I beat her. At that time it wasn't that important because I had another match to play the next day. But we are going to play each other so many other times at Wimbledon, Roland Garros etc. At all the important matches we are going to play each other.

Q: But did it particularly free you to win agains other oponents?
Williams: No, I don't think so.

Q: I think you are talking about Key Biscayne. It looked very easy, much easier than the final.
Williams: I had a plan and I felt so much mental energy during that match that I was completely worn out. I felt mental fatigue. With the match against Venus, I was so much mentally involved.

Q: Did winning that title strenghten your self-belief or do you need bigger titles?
Williams: I never struggled with low self esteem

Q: Do you think you are one of the forerunners for the French Open?
Williams: Definitely. Without any doubt.

Q: Venus said she was going back home to get some rest. Are you staying?
Williams: Yes, I am staying. I am going to Rome.

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mercredi 8 mai 2002, 13h17
US tennis player Serena Wiliams pats her dog Jackie 08 May 2002 on the side of Center Court in Berlin. Williams was training for her afternoon match in the German Open against Austrian Barbara Schett.

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Serena's Interview 5/9/02

Serena Williams - Magdalena Meleeva 7:6 (2), 6:4

Question (Q): Yesterday you said you like to win your matches quickly. Today, it wasn't that quick. What was the rason?
Williams: Maggie played very well. Again, I made a lot of errors. It's a little better than yesterday, but still.

Q: What did she do particularly well?
Williams: She was moving in well. She tried to attack. so, when I saw her doing that I tried to do it as well.

Q: How did you feel in general out there, I mean in the middle of a storm?
Williams: It was O.K. I play under so many different conditions in Miami.

Q: How far have you adapted to red clay working towards the French Open?
Wiliams: I love Roland Garros, I love the city. I mean, it's
different from here.

Q: Is it quicker there?
Williams: I think it's a bit quicker. As the two weeks go on it gets a little slower.

Q: How far have you raised you level on red clay?
Williams: I think it's all mental. Mentally it's there. I'm just waiting for my game to come.

Q: How important is the speed of the surface for you?
Williams: I don't think it's such an important factor for me, but for my opponents it is. The score is different on grass than on clay; on clay it is closer. On grass, the match would have been quicker.

Q: You said you were trying to add more spin to your shots. did you succeed?
Williams: My practise wasn't that good. And normally, when I don't practice well, the match isn't excellent either. My spin was a little better today. You guys don't need to worry.

Q: You like to hit the balls hard?
Willimas: Yes, I guess that's something I do.

Q: The bandage around your right wrist, why is that?
Williams: I had some problems in the past with my wrist. But it is getting better and better. I don't think I need to wear it, but my
coach said to wear it as an prevention. I used to feel my wrist with volleys, but I don't really know what it was.

Q: Your defense game is getting better and better. Did you change your way of training?
Williams: Not really. I don't know, I'm not really happy with the way I play. So, it's hard for me to think I played well. My serve wasn't consistent.

Q: Can you talk about how much winning Miami has changed your goals for the year and affected your confidence?
Williams: I've beaten all those players before. For me, that's in the past and I don't really dwell on it. I was great to win it and obviously it helped with the ranking. But now, it's the clay court season. Maybe when I'm back on hard court it will help, if I think
back of that win. But now the mental mind of everyone is different.

Q: Do you think it's possible that your first clay court title might be a Grand Slam?
Williams: Yes, it's possible.

Q: What are your prioriteis for the next 5, 6 weeks?
Williams: The French Open would be a dream come through. But every tournament is equally important. So, just go out there, do well, keep smiling all the time and having fun. Becaus it's not the same when you are not having fun and people get tired of you.

Q: What do like most about Europe?
Williams: the history, there is a lot of history. Like in Paris, I am looking forward to going to the Louvre.

Q: You have been having a very good year. Is there any particular reason?
Williams: Maybe I want it more. I'm a little older (laughs) and more serious. I'm a little older and realize more thing.

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where did you find the interviews for the german open? I've been searching the net but cant find them.

May 9th, 2002, 05:33 PM
I saw some interviews posted on the tournament's website. did you check that?
I think there is an english version, but in the german version they're under, um, some word starting like "akutell" or something like that. (SORRY for butchering the language.)

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U.S. tennis player Serena Williams returns the ball during her match vs Bulgarian Magdalena Maleeva at the German Open tennis tournament in Berlin on Thursday, May 9, 2002.

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Great pics! I'm thinking that Jen's easy tournament wins might end up biting her in the backside. How good is it to breeze through opponents with so little time on the clay? When she runs into some real competiton who have had tough matches and struggled for the win, she might be in for a surprise.

Go Serena, I like momo, but you must Destroy her!

May 9th, 2002, 11:18 PM
Thanks for posting the interview!

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Williams advances in German Open on Mauresmo injury

May 10, 2002

BERLIN (AP) -- Serena Williams reached the semifinals of the German Open without taking a swing Friday when Amelie Mauresmo withdrew from their match with a neck injury.

Mauresmo, the defending champion and the world's 10th ranked player, couldn't move her head when she woke up.

But there was no immediate news if the injury will stop Mauresmo from playing the French Open in two weeks. The oft-injured Frenchwoman was a 1999 Australian Open finalist.

Jennifer Capriati and Williams head the field at the $1.22 million German Open.

Capriati, hoping to recapture the No. 1 ranking from Venus Williams at the event, plays No. 11 Sandrine Testud of France in her quarterfinal.

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Go Serena!!!!!!!! Let's win this title!! You go girl!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Good luck in the finals Serena! :bounce:

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Saturday, May 11, 2002

Serena defeated Anna Smashnova 6/3 6/2.

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Worth The Wait: Henin Edges Serena To Win German Open

By Richard Pagliaro

Justine Henin was tired of living finals in denial. Denied tournament titles by Venus Williams in three finals this year, the 19-year-old Henin dispatched Serena Williams in a 6-2, 1-6, 7-6 (7-5) to capture the German Open in Berlin today.

The eighth-ranked Henin, who was Wimbledon runner-up to Venus Williams at Wimbledon last year, was two points from victory in the Amelia Island final last month when she began to get tight and watched Venus rally for a 2-6, 7-5, 7-6 (7-5) victory. Finding herself in a third-set tiebreak with younger sister Serena today, Henin refused to play tentative tennis in ending her streak of runner-up finishes.

"Maybe it was a breakthrough — I've always been too nervous in these kind of matches," Henin said. "But it was a great week, a great experience and I played free in the head."

The 2001 Roland Garros semifinalist defeated second-ranked Jennifer Capriati 5-7, 6-2, 6-1 in Saturday's semifinal en route to her fifth career championship.

Henin appeared to be in control when she gained a 4-2 lead in the final set, but Williams fought back to eventually even the set at 5-5 before saving two match points, including one with an emphatic ace, at 5-6 to force the tiebreak. The fourth-seeded Williams carried a 17-2 record on the season into her first career clay-court final and appeared to take the momentum into the tiebreak, but both players delivered superb shots in the tiebreak.

The pivotal point of the dramatic duel came at 5-5 in the tiebreak as Williams drilled a forehand at Henin's feet that the Belgian deflected over the net for a drop shot winner to reach her third match point.

"The match was won at this point," Henin said.

Henin sealed the victory on the next point.

The play of both players makes them threats to conted for the French Open, which starts on May 27th.

"I think I could have won the match, but I couldn't get a first serve in," Williams said. "It's really strenuous to try and win without it. I'm happy, I had a lot of positives in my game, learning experiences. Now, I'm just going to get ready for Roland Garros."

May 13th, 2002, 04:23 PM
Henin finds the right Williams

Belgian teen claims German Open championship
Posted: Sunday May 12, 2002 10:44 AM

Justine Henin won her first title of the year. AP
BERLIN (AP) -- Belgian teen-ager Justine Henin needed three match points to win a 6-2, 1-6, 7-6 (5) cliffhanger against Serena Williams Sunday, claiming the German Open in a match which drew standing ovations from the spectators.

The 19-year-old captured her first title of the year at the dlrs 1.22 million event, a major tuneup for the French Open, and spoiled Williams' hopes of claiming her first clay court event.

Henin, the world's eighth ranked player, has had her path to the top blocked by the Williams' sister.

The 19-year-old had lost three finals this year to Venus Williams, Serena's older sister -- after already falling short to her her in last year's Wimbledon final -- and twice been beaten by Serena.

Henin led 4-2 in the final set, let two match points slip away at 6-5, then gained match point after two hours and 17 minutes with a drop shot, flicked from her feet from a powerful Williams' forehand.

The spectators gave the two players standing ovations after a thrilling third set full of spectacular shots that kept scrambling the match around.

Even Williams, playing her first clay court final, went around waving to the standing 4,000 spectators after falling short in her comeback bid, trailing 4-2 in the final set and 0-3 in the tiebreaker.

The 20-year-old American warded off one match point with a powerful twisting serve, then followed with an ace before winning to pull even at 6-6 and set up the tiebreaker.

Williams, playing her first clay final, lost for just the second time this year, not including pulling out a match against fellow American Meghann Shaugnessy with an ankle injury this season.

Under perfect sunny weather, the match got off to a slow start as Williams couldn't keep the ball in play in losing the first set, then blasted nothing but winners in the second.

But in the third set, the 5-foot-5) Henin and Williams went toe-to-toe, raising their level of play and turning the match into a thriller.

The 19-year-old Henin pushed Venus Williams to three sets in losing last year's Wimbledon final. Among her losses in finals to the older Williams sister this year, she let a 6-2, 4-0 lead at Amelia Island slip away.

Henin also ousted No. 2 Jennifer Capriati in the semifinal Saturday.

Williams has had an outstanding year, winning at Key Biscayne and Scottsdale.

May 13th, 2002, 04:26 PM
Serena's Interview After Loss to Justine

Press Conference with Serena Williams
Justine Henin - Serena Williams 6:2, 1:6, 7:5 (5)
Berlin 12.05.2002

Question (Q): You got great response today. You gave everybody a big smile. Can you take something positive from this match?
Williams: For sure. Defiinitely, there are a lot of positives. It was a great experience.

Q: What did you learn?
Williams: The whole week was good, getting comfortable on the clay.

Q: Was this about the best you played on clay so far?
Williams: I guess competitionwise yes.

Q: Is it more frustrating to loose a match when it is so close?
Williams: Not in my situation. It just tells me that I would have done it, if I had played better.

Q: Did you expect her to play that ball at 5 all in the tiebreak?
Williams: It was a good shot.

Q: What about the amount of unforced errors. Do you think it is a question of growing older?
Williams: No, I don't think so, but in order to make a shot you need to be consistent.

Q: So you need to me mentally focussed?
Williams: Yes.

Q: So do you think anything can be done, like psychological work?
Williams: I don't need a shrink. Maybe for other things, but not for that (laughs).

Q: Did you speak to Venus?
Williams: Yes this morning.

Q: She played Justine 3 times in the final, so did she give you any advice?
Williams: A little. I think I would have won the match, if I did get my first serves in. It's very difficult when you only get your second serves in. It's very strenuous to win a match with second serves.Now, I jut go to Rome, hit a million serves and we'll see.

Q: You made a great impression on Berlin.
Willimas: It's my first final here and I want to do well in Germany.
Williams: Es ist mein erstes Finale hier und ich möchte gerne gut spielen in Deutschland.

May 14th, 2002, 11:59 AM
Serena Stats

The German Open finals yesterday was Serena Williams 200th sinlges match as a pro on the WTA tour in 51 tournaments. Here is what she achieved in those 200 matches:

- 13 WTA singles titles:
1 Grand Slam title
1 Sanex/WTA Championship title
1 Grand Slam Cup title
1 Super Tier 1 title
3 Tier 1 titles
6 Tier II titles.

- Winning Percentages:
1. Career Winning %...........162-38 = 81%(tied with Venus for the tour 3rd best, behind Monica Seles with 84%, and Martina Hingis with 83%).

2. Grand Slam Winning %........49-13 = 79%.

3. Winning Percentages by Surfaces:
a. Hard Court...............121-23 = 84%
b. Grass Court................13-4 = 76%
c. Carpet(Indoor)..............6-2 = 75%
d. Clay Court.................22-9 = 71%.

- She has the tour best H2H record against the top 10 players(with a losing record to Venus only).

- Rankings:
Although she never plays a full schedule(the most tournaments she ever played were 12 in 1999) her career highest ranking is #4 in the best of 17 tournament ranking system( ranked #4 from Sept 13th 1999 to March 19th 2000; the present!). She entered the Top 10 in April of 1999 and remained there ever since.

- Career Earnings of $6,727,324.00.