View Full Version : Aberdeen Cup (England VS Scotland)

Nov 26th, 2005, 09:49 PM

Noticed that two Brit girls (Elena Baltacha and Katie O'Brien), are playing in the oppsing teams for this cup, between England and Scotland, looks like an intresting competition, and should get a nice friendly rivalary going between English and Scottish fans. Now then even though I am a proud Englishman (more proud than British anyway), I normally like to see other Brits (be Welsh, Scottish), or N.Irish, do well for us whether teams (eg football) or players. But just for this tie , I am going to dislike all things Scottish, and hope England can get a win. LOL At the moment the men are doing their bit with Ruseski beating young rookie Andrew Murray. :bounce: I have a feeling this could be a popular competition, your thoughts?