View Full Version : Impressions From Sat Matches

Nov 13th, 2005, 08:28 PM
Saw last set of Maria vs Amelie, all of first doubles semi, first set of second doubles.

Haven't seen Maria since the summer of '04. Her growth spurt is quite noticeable. Whereas in '04 she looked healthy physically, now she looks too skinny, particularly through the midsection of her body. She claims that her muscle injury prevented her from hitting out on her forehand. But I must say that her forehand looked awesome to me. It's a very impressive stroke. Maria didn't have much patience yesterday. She made bad errors against Amelie's slice backhand. Looked like her mind was already in Hawaii, or wherever she's going on her next vacation.

Was glad to see Black and Stubbs win their semi, simply because they try to come to net more often. Cara's serve is the slowest of all I saw yesterday. She moves quick, thinks quick, but volleys with less punch than the other girls.

Stosur hit the best return of serves of anyone, followed by Zvonareva, but Z came to net less often than anyone else.

Gotta go to today's matches ...