View Full Version : Has anybody watched World team tennis re-run yesterday?

Oct 24th, 2005, 05:37 PM
They showed a match with Anna K. playing doubles and mixed in Hartford. Apart from Anna beingas thin as Daniela in her worst days, there was an interesting moment.

Milagros Sequera was serving to Mark KNowles (Anna's partner). The serve was good, but Mark just caught the ball and walked to the side, the first row of spectators and said something to a young guy (~ 30y.o.). They started arguing and it looked pretty heated. Then cops have arrived and escorted the guy out. Apparently, this guy shouted something to Anna (called her some name?).

Seeing Mark before and knowing him a bit, I wouldn't be surprised if got to a fight. But good for him for defending his partner (regardless whether it is Anna or someone else).

MARK KNOWLES :worship: