View Full Version : Grand Jury Indicts DeLay on New Charge

Oct 4th, 2005, 12:07 AM
Grand Jury Indicts DeLay on New Charge

By APRIL CASTRO, Associated Press Writer1 hour, 19 minutes ago

A Texas grand jury indicted Rep. Tom DeLay on a new charge of money laundering Monday, less than a week after another grand jury leveled a conspiracy charge that forced DeLay to temporarily step down as House majority leader.

Both indictments accuse DeLay and two political associates of conspiring to get around a state ban on corporate campaign contributions by funneling the money through a political action committee to the Republican National Committee in Washington.

The RNC then sent back like amounts to distribute to Texas candidates in 2002, the indictment alleges.

The new indictment came hours after DeLay's attorneys filed a request to dismiss the case. That request argued that the conspiracy charge was based on a law that was not effective until 2003, the year after the alleged money transfers.

The judge who will preside in DeLay's case was out of the country on vacation and could not rule on the request. Other state district judges declined to rule on the request in his place, said Colleen Davis, a law clerk to Austin attorney Bill White, also represents DeLay.

Oct 4th, 2005, 02:41 AM

He'll get away with this, too, though.

Oct 4th, 2005, 03:43 AM
Well the part about the first one being dismissed is valid, if that's true about the law being passed after the stuff happened.