View Full Version : Ana Jovanovic in a WTA tournament?

Sep 17th, 2005, 06:06 AM
Ana Jovanovic :eek: is playing the qualies in the Slovenia Open tournament, she'll play Uhrilova in the first round, a VERY winnable match for Ana as Uhrilova is ranked much higher.

It's been a while since Serbia had a 4th player playing at WTA level. It's funny that her name is also Ana :lol: , its either Ana or Jelena :p , well good luck to her anyway, I hoped Danica Krstajic might get into this event cos she's been doing great in ITF's.

Sep 17th, 2005, 02:50 PM
Danica is still in doubles in Sofia-aiming her 2nd consecutive title in doubles! Too bad she can't get further then QF! Danica colud played here as she is more then 150 infronty of Ana. Ana is destined to play small tournaments in the region as she has low finances. This will be great experience and i hope she qualifies. She reached Zagreb 2nd round and lost 76 in third set! She only played 7 tournaments last year. Mostly in our region! Too bad they cancelled Belgrade 25k! It's just very bad interest in tennis in our country-few 10ks and that's it! There are plenty of girls waiting to play! Does anyone knows what's going on with Andrea Popovic and Karolina Jovanovic? What's going on with them! haven't seen their names for a while!

Vanja Corovic is playin Jounieh 75k is no.8 seed in qualies
Vojka is in 25k Batumi no.2 seed in qialies

Good luck to them too!