View Full Version : Dont Have Tickets?? Come in Here

Aug 30th, 2005, 02:35 AM
:secret: I pride myself, in the knowledge that punctuality is one of my positive character traits. :yeah: I am always on time, more out of habit, than design. I knew that I would have to get to the National Tennis Center early in order to score some very excellent tickets. I arrived at the Tennis Center with ample time to camp out on the block and 1/2 long procession of equally devoted and very excellent Tennis fans eager to attend the long awaited sermons of their favorite players, did I mention that these fans were also very proud of their abilities and talents at manipulating time and space, that most times resulted in them always being "ON TIME" for any event or function they attend? So in plain American, the ticket booth opens at 9:00 AM and from what I understand there was a whole group of Compulsive-Obbsesive basteds that got there some where in the area of 7:00 AM and were the main reason that the effing line went for a block and a halve. Get there early Fans, It was crazy today and it will get worse. :tape: :tape: :tape: