View Full Version : VH1's Behind the Music: Boyz II Men

Aug 24th, 2005, 09:07 PM
i just watched it, and that trip down memory lane reminded me how much i miss boyz II men. i love their music, and i wish there were groups more like them with popular hits right now.

Aug 24th, 2005, 09:14 PM
Early 90's music was the best. just saw all the old freestyle artists at a concert called beatstock STEVIE B, LIsa LIsa, Judy torres, lisette melendez, cynthia, tka,. k7 and Hammer was there awesome concert. Stevie B was the highlight plus reina and Deborah Cox

Aug 24th, 2005, 09:22 PM
so much of my favorite music is from the early 90s :hearts:

Aug 24th, 2005, 09:41 PM
water runs dry is their best.song.ever.

Aug 24th, 2005, 11:30 PM
Gosh I *had* nothing but positive memories of Boys II Men until I listened to their last (may not be but one of their last) album...it was of remakes...and they picked every possible song that were in odds with their voices...they sounded horrible on that album. :(