View Full Version : Is it possible we are seeing the Start of....

Aug 17th, 2005, 09:15 PM
A war of wills.

The Players dropping out of tournaments in droves. Could they be
trying to tell Larry Scott something. Shorter season maybe.

And could Larry be saying something back by those Fines he put on
Serena, Maria, and Linds.

I'm Sure the tournament officials are getting on him big time for
the loss of revenue from all the drop outs and complaints of the fans.

It seems he has to do something. Would he go Hardline and start
Fining and penalizing players in order to get them to play, injured or not,
or would he chuck the big bucks by shortening the season.

What do you think

Helen Lawson
Aug 17th, 2005, 09:19 PM
The broads make crazy money now, at least the really good and popular ones. Why play if you don't really want to? The ones who bail all the time are the ones who are the wealthiest. I'm not saying these broads aren't injured, but there's injured and then there's injured. I mean, if it was miss a meal or stay at a dump if they didn't play, a lot of these broads would be serving and returning through the pain and tears if you get my drift. Or be working harder to avoid injuries to begin with or rehab them. I mean, dump like $20 million on a 21-year old, and this is what happens.