View Full Version : If play started TODAY, who would win the US Open?

Aug 17th, 2005, 06:43 AM
If everyone played, but WITH their various ailments. You are, of course, free to declare that the player is lying about what's wrong with them. But no miracle cures. If you think they're lying, say so, otherwise, all injury reports are considered honest.

Venus has the flu, is whatever stage of recovery she's in.
Davenport has back problem.
Sharapova had back and pectoral problems.
Pierce is injured, Molik's injured, etc etc

I think it's probably

1. Clijsters - Has been good on hardcourts, is healthy

2. Mauresmo - Healthy and not in France

3. Henin-Hardenne - Has a history of returning strong, but she IS coming off an injury

4. Serena - Well, she's playing this week, but wasn't moving well against Cohen-Aloro, by all reports. But she IS playing.

That's it for those who deign to show up. Now for the Hospital Brigade....

5. Venus - The flu isn't an injury, so she has some chance of 100% health by week 2

6. Davenport - I think she's babying herself for the US Open. What happened last year has to spook her.

7. Sharapova - back and pec? For a power hitter. Ugh. Also, I think she's less likely to be lying than anybody else, since she withdrew from a match that could have made her #1. (Of course, she had to know she'd make #1 anyway, but Wild Horses couldn't drag ME away from my first chance at tha #1 ranking.)

8. Pierce - Has been real good this summer, but at that age, you don't heal up that fast.

Sep 16th, 2005, 03:42 AM
bump. :)

Sep 16th, 2005, 04:56 AM
Well, my #1 looks great, but I have Pierce all the way down at #8. I missed one of the semi-finalists altogether, and I have the other one down at #7. All in all, I didn't do very well.