View Full Version : KIm one victory away from taking lead in Us Open series

Aug 12th, 2005, 10:48 PM
After last week's devastating loss to the "future number three in the world" :confused: Kim regains the lead if she beats Martinez or Schiavone in the next round. The latter might give her some problems but if she is not too tired she should clinch this tournament.

This would bring her total to 125 points, obliging Pierce to win the quarter final in Toronto. If Kim gets to round 16 in Toronto, Pierce would have to make the semis.

Schnyder and possibly Mauresmo if she were to win Toronto or even the future number three also have some remote chances.

Difficult to predict but the odds go slightly to Pierce as Kim seems to be not very motivated for Toronto and still has to win two matches here.

If she would have beaten Peng she could easily have rested two weeks.