View Full Version : a contact to send birthday greetings to Jelena

Apr 10th, 2002, 09:05 PM
As most of you Jelena fans will probably know Friday 12th April is Jelena's 19th Birthday.

There is now an opportunity for fans to communicate any birthday greetings to Jelena via our web site. You can send us your greetings and we will compile them onto a single e-mail or fax.

However it is possible that Jelena might not get a chance to read them on her actual birthday, this will probably be determined by her progress at Amelia Island this week.

What we can promise is that we will send the communication to the Dokic household. This communication is expected and will be passed on to Jelena at the earliest opportunity.

The deadline for sending any birthday wishes is Thursday 11th April 23.30 (11.30 pm) UK time.

Send your messages to this address: birthday@jelena-online.com

Please keep your messages short, any 'novels' will be either rejected or edited to a suitable size. Also we cannot accept any pictures or any attachments especially those that end in .wav .exe and .zip E-mails containing such files will simply be deleted with no attempt to open them.

This is an oppotunity to send BIRTHDAY greetings only so please don't send requests for autographs, proposals of marriage and the like. They will be ignored and not passed on.

Furthermore please do not either now or in the future bombard us with requests to give out any contact details. Such requests will be ignored. We have been trusted with this information and do not intend to break that trust.

The quicker you get them into us the higher up the list they will appear.