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Jun 17th, 2005, 09:39 AM
The draw in Wimbledon couldn't have been more difficult for Lena.
In her first round match in the singles she would have to face Justine
Henin-Hardenne.I really hope she'll play!!!!!!!!!!!

In doubles she's teaming up with Nicole Pratt and they will play in
their first round match against Kveta Peschke & Julia Schruff.

The mixed doubles draw isn't out yet so no info there.....


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Jun 17th, 2005, 03:49 PM
Horrible draw in singles :sad: Good luck Lena anyways :)

Jun 20th, 2005, 02:42 PM
Good luck,eleni!!!!!

Jun 21st, 2005, 07:33 AM
You beat Henin before, you can beat her again today! :bounce:

Jun 21st, 2005, 02:51 PM
Lena won the first set!!!!:bounce::bounce::bounce:
Well done girl!!:yeah:

Jun 21st, 2005, 04:18 PM
OMG!!!!ELENI WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:banana::bounce:
I can't believe it!!

Jun 21st, 2005, 04:20 PM
Yeah She Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!1well Done Lenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Go Lenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Jun 21st, 2005, 04:46 PM
The score was 6-7,6-2,5-7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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auntie janie
Jun 21st, 2005, 04:57 PM
I'm a HUGE Justine fan, but I love Eleni, too. Congrats to her on her HUGE win today! She's gotten herself into great shape, and she's got guts! :hearts:

Jun 21st, 2005, 07:18 PM
Eleni!!!!!! :bounce: Congrats!!! :D I'm soooooooooooo happy!! Even if I'm sorry for Justine.. Good luck in the 2r Eleni :kiss:

Jun 21st, 2005, 07:19 PM
I'm happy like crazy :D :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: I knew she could do it :worship: :worship:

Jun 21st, 2005, 09:34 PM
E. Daniilidou - Day 2
Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Q. Congratulations. How does a player from Greece become such a good player on grass?

ELENI DANIILIDOU: I mean, I don't know. Coincidence. But, I mean, it's I just feel pretty good and pretty confident on grass. It's my surface, and, I mean, it's pretty tough to beat Justine twice on grass, as I did two years before.

Q. What won you the match today?

ELENI DANIILIDOU: From my opinion, was little bit strange, the match, up and down from both sides. First set I was a little bit lucky in the end. I could even finish earlier the set.

But, I mean, tiebreaks, everything is 50/50. I was really ‑ I was really focused.

Second set, I lost a little my concentration and, I mean, she played a little bit better and made less unforced errors.

Third set, it was pretty exciting match, I think. It was a good level, third set.

Honest, it was a little bit tough with the wind there. The wind was a little bit strange in the court. We had ‑‑ I had also and she had also some frames and really easy unforced errors.

But, I mean, on grass is part of the game, I think. You have really to go for it. Sometimes you just miss easy shots. And I was really in the end really focused, and of course I'm very happy.

Q. When you went out for the final game, I think a lot of people were expecting a very tense

ELENI DANIILIDOU: It was tense (smiling).

Q. Two unforced errors, two double‑faults. Was it shocking?

ELENI DANIILIDOU: I mean, I guess she had pressure. I mean, I had also, even in the first set.

Justine is a great player, a great talent. I mean, everyone can see she deserve to win French Open. She's a great player.

But I think everyone is ‑ it just is shaky a little bit sometimes during the match. I was the same in the second set a little bit.

I think it's really, for every player, pretty tough, especial mental in the tough situation. I think today I was a little bit better on that.

Q. But she made it nice and easy for you in the end, didn't she?

ELENI DANIILIDOU: I was feeling great in the end. I think she hurt also little bit her back. That's what I saw little bit in her face.

But, I mean, I think just today I was better in the close situation than her.

Q. How big will this victory be in Greece? Are you pretty well‑known there?

ELENI DANIILIDOU: I had a lot of SMS and phone calls after the match. I think everyone was really following my match on the Internet and on the TV also. I mean, it's ‑ actually, tennis is not really famous in Greece. It got famous a little bit more after the Olympics. It was pretty ‑ everything raise up, they made new clubs, new tennis courts. I mean, it was really better after the Olympics.

But, still, they are following me, and I think I feel pretty good that everyone is behind of me. I don't feel pressure, that's pretty good. And I just ‑ it's great feeling that there are people ‑ that they care about me.

Q. Will this make you at least for now bigger than Philippoussis in Greece?

ELENI DANIILIDOU: I mean, actually, they love him in Greece. And, I mean, he's aware of the support in the Olympics. Everyone was really ‑ was cheering for him.

Maybe one day he can play for Greece, I wish. But, I mean, they just really like him also in Greece.

Q. Pete Sampras, because he has some Greek heritage, was he a popular figure like Philippoussis in Greece?

ELENI DANIILIDOU: Mark is more popular, I think, because of his father. My wish is to really play mixed doubles with him. I hope so one day.

Q. During the tiebreak, Justine appeared to be distracted by something. She was pointing. Did you notice, she was pointing at something and then she double‑faulted after that.

ELENI DANIILIDOU: Yeah, I mean, I think it's probably the game. Some people are getting exciting. Actually, was my fitness coach, Lisa Austin, we just started working before ‑ after French Open. I mean, just exciting and they was really happy for me.

I mean, I think she can handle the situation. It's not the first time, even with sometimes the mobiles. I think it's part of big courts. There are a lot of people and just they're exciting.

Q. Didn't you have a pretty good comeback against Laura in Germany a couple of years ago?


Q. Granville.

ELENI DANIILIDOU: Yeah, we played once in Filderstadt. It was in quallies last year, I think.

Q. Weren't you behind in the third set?

ELENI DANIILIDOU: It's true. I was 4‑2 down or something. I mean, from my side, it's totally different match. I have to play great tennis to beat her. She likes grass. She's very dangerous. She played very good in Birmingham, the first tournament. I have to go really confidence there. I have to try my best. I mean, I really have to enjoy it.

I said to myself actually that I had pretty tough draw for first round, to have Justine, and pretty tough draw in doubles. And I just ‑‑ I just said to my coach, to both of them, that, "Let's enjoy the Wimbledon this year, and just really go out there and really try the best and enjoy the moment."

And that's what I did today. I was very happy to be in the court.

Q. Many people believe that Justine was the favorite to even win here. Did you believe that as well before the match?

ELENI DANIILIDOU: Actually, she's a top player, that she can win any Grand Slam, she can win any tournament. She's very dangerous also on grass. I was just ‑‑ I was really happy to play with her. I feel confidence right now. I lost a little bit a lot of matches before a few months. I had injuries. As I said before, I just said, "Let's go for it," and really try my best.

And I'm just very happy that, okay, in the end I won the match. But she's a great player.

Q. When are you going to ask Flipper to play mixed doubles?


Q. Flipper, Philippoussis?

ELENI DANIILIDOU: I have to talk to him. I don't know if he wants. I think before I finish my career, I would love to play with him.

Q. Is your injury going to be a concern for the next round?

ELENI DANIILIDOU: Yeah, I think it was just pretty tight, my left calf. That's why I had the physio. I didn't want to risk anything, even for this match. I was really want to finish and really be 100% on the court. At that moment, I felt much better after the treatment, I mean the physio that I had. I gonna be okay. I have one more day. It's good that I have a day off tomorrow. It's pretty good.

Q. Can you correctly pronounce your last name for us.

ELENI DANIILIDOU: It's easy. It's Daniilidou.

Q. It's easy for you.

ELENI DANIILIDOU: I think it's easy for you guys also (smiling).


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Jun 22nd, 2005, 12:11 AM
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Viva la madre q te parió Eleni!!!!! :kiss:

Jun 22nd, 2005, 01:44 AM
I am so so sooooo happy!

I think it is her best career victory, with that one over Seles 3 years ago! She defeated one of the very bests, the Roland Garros champion!
Somebody said in Eleni yahoo group two weeks ago "resurrection", well we always knes she´s alive and kicking!

Now let´s keep kicking butts, Lena!! :D

Jun 22nd, 2005, 05:06 AM
I heard a rumor they were serving calamari in here :drool: ;)

Congrats Eleni!!! :woohoo:

Jun 22nd, 2005, 06:56 AM
Very best results for Eleni. She needs the success now, for finding confidence. Good luck, Eleni !!!

Jun 22nd, 2005, 08:43 AM
Congrats Eleni!!!

Jun 22nd, 2005, 12:54 PM
Eleni and Nicole Pratt won 6-4 7-5 against Peschke and Schruff :D

Jun 22nd, 2005, 01:57 PM
Daniilidou exposes lacklustre Henin
By William Johnson
(Filed: 22/06/2005)

In pics: Day two action from Wimbledon (javascript:var newWindow = window.open('/core/Slideshow/slideshowFramesetFrag.jhtml?xml=/sport/gallery/tennis/wimbledon05/day2/upixwimb.xml','PW789821','width=468,height=490'))

Justine Henin-Hardenne, winner of the French Open earlier this month (http://www.sport.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.jhtml;jsessionid=LLUDSP4XQP5DZQFIQMFSM5OAVCBQ 0JVC?xml=/sport/2005/06/06/stbake06.xml) and considered a potential champion here, was a shock first-round casualty at the hands of an inspired Greek opponent, Eleni Daniilidou, who kept her nerve to prevail 7-6, 2-6, 7-5.

http://www.sport.telegraph.co.uk/sport/graphics/2005/06/22/stheni22.jpgDon't look back in anger: Justine Henin-Hardenne leaves Court No 1

Henin, the runner-up here four years ago and a beaten semi-finalist on two more occasions, arrived to defend a 17-match winning streak from the European claycourt season and, despite suffering lingering problems from a debilitating illness and a hamstring injury, was expected at least to justify her seeding of seven.

She paid a high price for serving poorly, though, and it was a double fault - her 11th of a fluctuating contest on Court No 1 - that proved the decisive moment. Daniilidou jumped for joy at the clinching of one of her biggest career wins on her third match point.

"This was the worst draw I could have got," lamented Henin, who for medical reasons was forced to rest after her French Open triumph and, consequently, was unable to tune her game to grass before facing the dangerous Daniilidou.

"It is very hard to find a good rhythm in your first match and when you have to play somebody that likes to play on grass, it makes the mission a little more difficult. But I made the decision not to play [between the two Grand Slams] and there was no choice in my own mind. My health is the most important thing to me."

After an error-strewn opening set had been settled in Daniilidou's favour by a 10-8 tie-break - she had squandered four previous set points and Henin one, on yet another costly double-fault - it appeared that the diminutive Belgian had come through the crisis when she raced into a 5-1 lead in the second set.

She failed to maintain that momentum in the decider, however, and was always under pressure. After being broken in the sixth game she restored parity at 4-4 before eventually buckling under the strain of keeping a determined Daniilidou at bay.

Daniilidou, the world No 73, knew that even with a tight left calf muscle she was in better condition than her opponent when the match was in the balance. She said: "Justine is a great player who is capable of winning any tournament, so I'm delighted with this result which will give me great confidence for what lies ahead."

Jun 22nd, 2005, 06:06 PM
Just wanted to congratulate you guys on the great win :kiss: Eleni played terrific and she really deserved it :yeah:

Jun 22nd, 2005, 08:44 PM
Thank you for kind words :-)

Jun 23rd, 2005, 02:15 AM
Congrats Eleni!! :hearts::hearts: Amazing result and now good luck in round 2 :):)

Jun 23rd, 2005, 10:12 AM
Eleni will play the first match on court #5. Good luck :D

Jun 23rd, 2005, 12:11 PM
She won again today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The score was 6-2,6-0!!!!!!!!!!!She is in a great shape!!!!!!!!!
Congatulations Lenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jun 23rd, 2005, 12:36 PM
Brawo Eleni! She's on fire :bounce: :bounce:

Jun 23rd, 2005, 01:11 PM
Congrats Lena :bounce:
Yeah!! I'm sooooooo happy :D
Go Lena gooooooo :bounce: :woohoo:

Jun 23rd, 2005, 10:01 PM
Match Reports
Daniilidou Dashes Past Granville

Determined Daniilidou
©Professional Sport/ B.Mackness

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Eleni Daniilidou, who put French Open Champion Justine Henin-Hardenne out of Wimbledon in her previous match, reached the third round today with a demolition of Laura Granville 6-2 , 6-0.

On paper this match should have been a tight affair. Both players' best Grand Slam performances came in the 2002 Championships when they reached the fourth round and Granville, ranked 68 in the world, is only eight places higher than Daniilidou. In reality, the only significant thing Granville was going to win today was the coin toss.

The battle got off to a lethargic start, with the first three games going with serve and the only incident worthy of note being a failed lob by Daniilidou. However, at 2-2 with Granville serving, Daniilidou stepped up a gear and grabbed the crowd's attention.

A 10-shot rally punctuated by a perfectly floated lob from Daniilidou and a crisp backhand passing shot earned the Greek the first break point of the match. Her American opponent gave her the point with a double fault.

On her favoured grass service, Daniilidou was now in full swing. She broke Granville again, drawing her into hard-hitting baseline rallies and taking the first set 6-2. The American was destined not to win another game during the match.

The momentum built throughout the first set continued into the second. Granville was looking hot, bothered and was running out of ideas on how to cling on to her serves. Ill-advised follies to the net did not help matters, presenting the Greek with many opportunities to showcase her impressive single-handed backhand, smashing balls crosscourt and down the line.

A slip from Granville gave Daniilidou her fifth break of the match and a 5-0 lead. The smallest sign of a fightback came when Granville earned her first break point but this was squandered and Daniilidou served out the match after a little under an hour's play.

Written by Paul Kiernan


Jun 24th, 2005, 12:53 AM
Congratulations Eleni!! :hearts::hearts:

Jun 24th, 2005, 11:12 AM
Well done, very impressive! :bounce: :hearts:

Jun 24th, 2005, 03:25 PM
Lena and Pratt lost to Ivanovic and Krizan 3-6, 1-6. Pity but let's focus on singles!

Jun 24th, 2005, 03:25 PM
Lena lost in doubles..

Jun 24th, 2005, 08:36 PM
Anyway it was her best result in doubles here.
She always lost in Round 1 before 2005 ;)

Jun 25th, 2005, 02:50 AM
Best wishes Eleni for the 3rd round :angel::angel:

Jun 25th, 2005, 10:34 AM
Pame Eleni! You're a much better grass court player than Penetta!

Jun 25th, 2005, 03:33 PM
poor lenii,it was not to be!!but hey,you played a phantastic tournament!!jst go your way,and trust in yourself,lenii-baby!! :kiss: :) it will all come good!

Jun 25th, 2005, 06:19 PM
Poor lena but she had a great Wimby after all. I believe it's just the beginning of better days and comeback to top 20. I'm proud of you girl! Keep training!

Jun 27th, 2005, 05:22 PM
Hi! I know I'm a bit late, but I never saw this forum till now so..
Just came to say "Well Done!" to Lena for her fantastic victory last week :D I'm (as u can probably see, lol) a Ju-fan, but I have to admit that Eleni just played better and she deserved that win..she outsliced Justine, and that's saying something. It's a shame she couldn't go all the way, but she's shown she's a top player again, and this'll set her up really well for the hard-court season :)

Jun 28th, 2005, 01:40 PM
You can watch a video from press conference after Eleni's victory over Juju here:


Here is a snap shot