View Full Version : Opposite Sides of Draw

Apr 8th, 2002, 02:28 AM
Well Martina was numba 3 at 2001 Us Open, and Venus was numba 2, they could've only played in the final. So if serena does good during the clay court season and gets to numba 3 do you all think they will be on opposite sides for the Frenh Open?

Apr 8th, 2002, 03:52 AM
That's incorrect--- Martina was #1 and Venus was #4 (Jennifer was 2 and Lindsay 3) :P

Williams Rulez
Apr 8th, 2002, 12:44 PM
Sorry, there is no such seeding rule.

It is just 1 & 2 on opposite sides of the draw, 3 & 4 on the opposite sides of the draw. It is completely randomn as to whether the 3rd seed gets the top or second seed.