View Full Version : The serb Girls i think should be up the top!

May 25th, 2005, 04:51 AM
Vanja Corovic

Vanja was a top 50 junior player and is having some good wins now:) she just won the Dubronvik Open 64 60 over Rodina and won the Mostar open. her rank was 843 and now is 602 keep going vanja:)

Danica Krstajic

Now i think this girl will be our next top 100 player;) she has shown us that she can play good tennis with win's over player's that are ranked 115 and 118 and she is 16 so i think if she keeps it up she will get there soon.:) her rank now is 380.

Vojislava Lukic

Lukic was a top 10 junior player and should be top 100 by now but just can't seem to get the win's. she is playing in Bals and her 1st rd win was 60 60 so lets hope this is a start for her to the top:)
Her rank is 569

What do you think????