View Full Version : Clarisa Fernandez d. Emma Laine: 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 6-1 and qualifies for MD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 20th, 2005, 09:36 PM
Wow!!!!!!! Very nice for Clarisa after such a tough time! She'll enjoy playing in Paris sooo much! :D ;)

May 20th, 2005, 09:38 PM
Ohhhhh tough score, did she save any match points again? But that is her second tough match after surviving in form Laura Pous Tio

May 20th, 2005, 09:39 PM
congratulations, Clarisa !!! :D :woohoo: :yeah: :)

May 20th, 2005, 09:40 PM
tough loss for Emma but a return to the MD for Fernandez, I really dount she will make it to the semis again though...

May 20th, 2005, 09:44 PM

May 20th, 2005, 09:46 PM
That's so close up until the third! :eek:

May 20th, 2005, 09:52 PM
Emma :sad:

May 20th, 2005, 09:55 PM
Clarisa :woohoo:

Nice to see her qualify after two tough and VERY close matches :eek: She even saved 2 MP's against Laura ;)

Good luck in the MD !

May 20th, 2005, 10:04 PM
This should have been Emma's qualifying spot, no excuse to lose to Fernandez....frusterating loss....

Shonami Slam
May 20th, 2005, 10:13 PM
good for clarisa!
the year is starting to look bright for her again, she'll be back in the top200 i suppose and get things together after this confidence booster.

May 20th, 2005, 10:18 PM
Good job Clarissa! I'm so happy for you! I want to see you back in the top 50 sometime soon :)

May 20th, 2005, 10:19 PM
:yeah: :bounce:

May 20th, 2005, 10:31 PM
Well done, Clarisa ... now get a decent draw

May 20th, 2005, 10:38 PM
Congrats Clarissa:)

May 20th, 2005, 10:40 PM
People often forget Clarisa is a former semifinalist here who has been injured for a long time :rolleyes:
If healthy she shouldn't be playing qualies at all as she can be in top 30 :)
Vamos Clarisa, a por el titulo :D

May 20th, 2005, 11:42 PM
Great win Clarisa! :bounce:

Unexpected result here, considering how she's been playing since her SF at Bogotá. Seems that playing here is a huge motivation factor for her, no wonder, she's argentinian ;)

May 21st, 2005, 12:02 AM
well done Clarice

May 21st, 2005, 01:00 AM
Go Clarisa, never HAVE seen her play but there is a certain pic of her that makes me laugh sooooo flippin hard.