View Full Version : First time around - players debuting the world of grand slams

Shonami Slam
May 20th, 2005, 03:46 PM
would you kindly accept the following to the circle of those who have reached the best there can be in the game of tennis - the Grand Slam:

Mailyne Andrieux of France (WC)
Youlia Fedossova of France (WC)
Aravane Rezai of France (WC)
Alize Cornet of France (WC)
Rika Fujiwara if Japan
Shahar Peer of Israel
Evgenia Linetskaya of Russia
Yvonne Meusburger of Austria (Q)

After tomorrow when all the qualification matches are over, and maybe a LL will be added as well, we'll have the complete list.
some big names already on this list, some big names to be. possible dokic surprises, maybe a sabatni or two - we might even get to see a possible hingis hiding here.
this is where it starts big time for these ladies, that now get to play the top of the crop in one of the four most important venues of the sport.
good luck to them all, i hope to see some wins, i hope they enjoy it.
this is what tennis is all about and they should be proud to be part of it.