View Full Version : Come in if you are in the dog house over forgetting Mothers Day

May 10th, 2005, 08:44 AM
What a silly holiday anyway. seems like im tending to Mum every day of the year. :p so its not even mothers day in france, but still i didnt forget. I called her on Friday, on saturday i called her twice. On sunday i went to get the kids and my wife from the station and didnt get home til about 7. then a few times we were going to call and got interrupted. so i get an email from sis on monday that she is pissed. i called last night and she sounded like a wounded war veteran on her last legs. she was like a train wreck. What the Fuck? :eek: She comes here and stays with us for 2 weeks or more every few months and its a small apartment. :D I pay for all of her food, i buy tons of wine for her to bring home to my sister. I try to make her feel special and i told her to come and stay an extra week or 2. Why couldnt i just have been hatched and been taken care of by reptiles who have not feelings? :hearts: :lol: Would anyone like to become her adopted child? You have to spoil her on mothers day. she might leave you substantial money one day, but im not sure its worth it. I just cant seem to get the job done right. My mother in law by the way doesnt give a shit about mothers day. if you call a week after her birthday she doenst mind either; She knows she is loved and one day doesnt matter. I think Mum gets upset cause she has to lie to her girlfriends about what kinds sons she has. Oh, for more information, she lies and tells her friends that I run the entire operation at work. I dont like that. Well, so much for family being sacred! :eek: :rolleyes: :devil: