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May 9th, 2005, 06:59 PM

Shes from my town in Tennessee..well shes from Drummonds which goes to Munford..my school..we are basically 1 town..anyways..shes amazing..her voice is :hearts: and she is very nice..she went here till her 8th grade..everyone thought she left Munford and was gonna fail like everyone else here..but she sings the theme song for the new Fran Drescher show..she would be in 11th here now..I guess shes homeschooled..anyways..just click on her Who We Are song..its great..they play it on the radio all the time here..its not big outside of Memphis but itll be..and in her Behind The Scenes thing it shows my high school outside and the gym when sehs playing basketball..its just amazing..nothing good has everyone came out of this town but that baseballer..Aaron Fultz..