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May 9th, 2005, 08:25 AM
someone can translate me that in french:

- the tying run on second, the winning run on first, and you are the batter.
- You want any advantage that you can get in predicting where each pitch will go.
- spin rate.
- With the crowd going wild and sweat pouring from your every pore, you have to concentrate on the ball
- You must gather as much information about the pitch as quickly as you can in order to make crucial decisions.
- perhaps traveling at almost 100 miles per hour-is heading toward the plate.
-. It's a daunting computational task.
- fearsome pitcher is rocking back on his pivot leg.
- his arm will swing through a great arc and send a baseball hurtling your way.
- a pitcher releases a ball, it's in gravitational free fall, whether it's a blistering fastball or a gentle change-up.
- the movement of the ball and its seams slows down the air flowing over the top of the ball and speeds up the air flowing underneath it.
-in the spin direction, you extended thumb will point in the direction of the spin axis
- If a pitcher grips a fastball with the seams, it's called a "two-seam" grip because only two seams appear on the front during a revolution.
- Pitchers assume this produces a greater lift on the overhand fastball.
- Any delivery that varies from directly overhand will create some spin at an angle to horizontal, which generates some lateral deflection.
-"three-quarter delivery,
- The drop in a curve usually gives a hitter more trouble than the sideways deflection, because of the shape of the bat and the horizontal orientation of the swing.
- continuum
- the way the ball is spinning after release.