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May 6th, 2005, 08:15 PM
:devil: :o I cant' stand Howard Stern, but this was toooooo tempting! Thanks, Kiwi! :D

Corey Clark Talks About His Relationship With Paula Abdul. 05/06/05. 8:50am
After the break Howard brought in Corey Clark who claims that he had an affair with Paula Abdul after he appeared on American Idol. Howard asked him how the sex was with her. Corey said it was great. He said it may not have been the best he's ever had but it was great. He also said that she looks better than some chicks half her age. Corey said he'd recommend having sex with Paula if anyone gets the chance. Howard told Core he thinks this whole thing just shows how desperate Paula is. He said having sex with a contestant on a show she works on is the last thing she should be doing. Howard talked about how Paula slipped her number to him after he sang to her during an audition. He pointed out that Paula recently had a hit and run charge against her as well. He figures she's just looney.

Robin said there are teachers out there having sex with students as well and there are a lot of crazy people out there. Corey talked about how Paula's friend was the person who handed him her number. Howard said that Corey was busted for passing bad checks but Corey said he just bounced a couple of checks and paid them off so he never really got in trouble for that. He was kicked off the show because of that and another charge while there are people who are still on the show who have been convicted of crimes that are much more serious than what Corey has done. Corey talked about how the American Idol producers kind of rushed them into signing contracts after saying that they were going to pay for the lawyers who were going to look over the contracts for them. He said that was a conflict of interest and that didn't help matters. Howard asked Corey when he started getting laid. Corey said he's been getting hit on since the age of 5 but he started getting laid around 14. He said that he had babysitters who came on to him and he did mess around with them. Corey said his babysitter asked him if he'd ever seen a naked chick. He said no and told her he didn't wan tot see a naked chick but she showed him anyway. :rolleyes: (I'm so sure!)

Howard moved on to talk about the first time Corey hooked up with Paula. Corey said she sent him a limo and had him come over to her house in Van Nuys. Corey said she was wearing jeans and a shirt just like someone would be wearing after a regular day. Corey said she looks pretty good for her age and he doesn't think she's had any plastic surgery. Corey said she talked to him about the problems she was having with the show at the time. Corey said she was advising him on what to do and not to do on the show and he didn't get to have sex for about a month. Corey said he used a condom with her a couple of times but he also did her bare back. Howard said it would be pretty funny if he knocked her up doing that. Corey said he just did the ''follow through'' method. Howard told Corey that John Stamos got Paula. Corey went on to tell Howard about how Paula and he got into her jacuzzi tub at one time and watched some TV together the night they finally did it. Howard wondered if there was any cellulite on that ass of hers. Corey told Howard there isn't any and she looks really good. He said her boobs seem to be real and look good. He said they're not ''perky'' but they look nice. Howard asked him if she makes noise in bed. Corey said she's pretty quiet so Howard said that he needs a woman to make noise in bed for him. Fred played some Taylor Rain clips where she's moaning ''Oh Yeah!'' over and over again. Corey said he did try the third input with Paula but not the first time. :devil: Paula isn't into that though so she told him to back off. :lol:

Howard asked Corey some questions that ended up getting censored out. He also asked Corey about the people who are saying that this stuff is all just to get some publicity. Corey said he thinks that the producers over there knew that he was trouble so they threw him off during the first season tryouts. He changed his look and lied about his career to get picked for the next time he tried out. He was trying to help out some of the other contestants with lawyers and stuff and that's when he got kicked off. He was also saying that some of the people from American Idol commenting on this story didn't know what was going on and they had no way of knowing.

Gary came in and asked Corey about how Paula is trimmed down below. He figured that she had a landing strip and Corey confirmed that. He was also saying that he read in the paper that the FBI can confirm the phone calls that Paula was making to him because of the Patriot Act. They apparently had her name flagged accidentally and had tracked the calls she made to him. Howard asked Corey about the seduction and how Paula followed through on that. Corey said she tested the water by giving him a little kiss while they were in the car one time. Two nights later they were in bed together. He said that he had her about two times that first night they were together. He said he wore a rubber on that first night. Gary asked him if there was any dirt that he could share with them. Corey said that Paula did tell him stuff but nothing that he could confirm. Gary also asked Corey if Paula drinks his ''protein shakes.'' Corey said that she does do that and she enjoyed his ''protein shake.'' Fred played some gagging porn clips after hearing that. Howard said that they have to send this kid out to do some more celebrities so he get give them some dirt on them. :tape:

Howard gave Corey a plug for his book ''They Told Me To Tell The Truth so...'' which is available at CoreyClark.com. He then played one of the voice mail messages that Paula left for Corey on his answering machine. She was telling Corey to ignore the press who were apparently trying to find out more about their relationship. He also had a phony message they created using Wendy the Retard who was pretending to be Paula. Gary said that they had a bunch of questions for Corey from back in the office. He asked Corey if he ever saw Paula taking any drugs or pills or anything. Corey said that she was on some pain pills and he did smoke some weed with her. He said she was also drinking some cocktails. Corey said that he doesn't do any drugs other than the weed so they didn't do anything else together. Howard started to wrap up the interview and talked about how Paula is going to blow her job on American Idol because of this stuff. He compared this whole thing to Pat O'Brien's voice mail messages. He said there are certain things you don't do when you're a celebrity and what Paula did is one of them. Artie asked Corey if he thought that he could get Robin in bed within a week or so. Corey said she might take a month because she seems kind of sophisticated.

Howard gave Corey a couple of plugs for his book and for his CD that will be out on June 21st. He also played one of Corey's songs which was about his relationship with Paula. Ralph Cirella called in after that and said that this guy Corey is a dick because he's going out talking about all of this stuff. Howard said that this kid was kicked off the show and is being painted as a criminal while they keep others on the show who really are felons while Corey didn't commit any felonies. Corey is also saying that he was let go from the show because of his relationship with Paula and now they're trying to make him look bad. Corey said that he's been forced to come out with all of this stuff because he believes that the people from American Idol are trying to take away his livelihood. Ralph doesn't believe that they even care about this kid anymore but Corey says that they still compare him to other contestants who are real criminals even though he was never convicted of a crime. Howard asked Corey about Paula's feet. Corey said she's got some nice feet and the most he did with them was massage them. He didn't decorate them or anything like that. Howard asked him if he ate any food off of her or did blow off her ass. Corey said he didn't do anything like that. Howard wrapped up the interview after playing a little more of Corey's song about Paula.

May 6th, 2005, 08:25 PM
I have to admit I found that funny.

May 7th, 2005, 03:01 AM
I used to like Howard Stern but now... ;\

May 7th, 2005, 03:21 AM
Everything I know about American Idol comes from the Stern show :tape:

Hot 92 Jamz
May 9th, 2005, 12:30 PM
I think Paula will make it through this storm (she's doing damage control).

May 9th, 2005, 03:06 PM
Corey is soooooo effiminate......I don't see why any woman would find him attractive. :( :( :( :(