View Full Version : WHO DO YOU HATE 2

Apr 4th, 2002, 01:37 AM
ok, so, b/c there's so much hate going on everywhere on the board, let's put it all into a thread. as everyone sees above, there is a poll for who your LEAST FAVORITE PLAYER IS. this may be difficult for some of you to choose only one, but it'll have to do. this is where everyone can say why they hate everyone for some reason, so please specify why, b/c we can all have fun w/ it! :bounce: :rolleyes:

if someone is offended, then all i can say is lighten up ;) :p. this is only for fun, really. i thought it'd be really fun to watch everyone's reaction to this ;)!

so everyone! have a blast! :D :wavey: ;)

o! i forgot! if you put "other," please be sure to specify who your "other" is, here in the thread! thanx! :wavey:

i reformatted it b/c i messed up, w/ two justine henins, and i didn't think people got it w/ the outside subject. so, i hope no one minds starting again.