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The Guilty
Apr 24th, 2005, 09:31 PM
Today I only arrived at midday, because I thought it was raining, so I lost the first part of all matches :( I wanted to watch Safarova against Freitas, but it already ended, so I went to see Muller against Ferreira. It was 3-0 in the second to Martina, so thereís not really much to say about this match. Martina has a good first serve and was giving the initiative to Catarina, who made some unforced errors, but also some good points. Catarina has improved since last year, she returns better, is more consistent and more aggressive, but she still needs to get stronger physically. Catarina had 2 breakpoints in the last game but didnít convert them, so Martina won 6-0. After that match, I went to watch Jaslyn Hewittís match. It was in the third set and Melinda was controlling the points. Jaslyn was very consistent from the baseline and defended very well, specially with her slice forehand. I believe that if she had a better serve, she could have won this match. Melinda made a lot of return winners, but made some unforced errors as well. It was actually those unforced errors that were keeping Jaslyn in the match. Besides that Melindaís serve was terrible, too many double faults, but somehow she managed to win this match. Johansson was there to watch his girlfriend. When I left this match, Neuza Silva was practicing with Melanie Gloria and Virginia Ruano Pascual with her coach. I went to centre court to watch Magali against Olga and it was a good match. Magali has improved so much; I hope that this year she finally has some success on the itf tournaments, because with the level of play she showed today, she could easily make the top 400 at least this year. When I arrived it was 4-4 in the second set and it seemed to be a very close match. Magali was dominating the points from the baseline most of the time, but Olga was controlling some of them as well. Olga served twice for the match, but she made some bad unforced errors, so it went to a tiebreak. In the tiebreak I was completely stunned with Magali, she played awesome tennis, hitting winners from everywhere and quickly went up 5-0, which was enough for her to win the tiebreak. In the third set, Olga changed her strategy and started returning everything, just waiting for Magaliís errors. This worked in perfection, because Magali started hitting more unforced errors and when she stopped it was too late. Still, it was a very good match from Magali and everyone who watched was very impressed with her. After this match, I watched a bit of a menís match, then went to the pratcise courts and saw Severine Beltrame practicing with Lilia Osterloh. I returned to centre court to watch Wigan against Mihalache. This match surprised me, because I thought Tara would play worse and Mihalache would play better, considering their itf results this year. Magda has a good serve but no weapons, she was just playing and waiting for Taraís errors, never forced the points too much. Tara has an ok serve, but sheís very tiny, reminds me of Yuliana Fedak, she tried to dictate the points but didnít have a weapon to finish them. Most of the points ended with her unforced errors, specially from the forehand. In the end of the first set, I moved to Nagyovaís match. This was a good match and much closer than what the score indicates. Henrieta was very consistent, she almost didnít make unforced errors all the match. She was always hitting the ball hard and deep which made Ana made some extra unforced errors that were the key in this match. However, if Ana had taken her chances, the result could have been different. Henrieta didnít seem to be coming from an injury; she looked pretty fit, hit some great drop shots and never lost her concentration. Ana played well, but she hit too many unforced errors in the second and looked unhappy for not taking her chances before. Anyway, despite her busy life with her traineeship, that makes her have very little time to train, she played like a top 200 player and if after she finishes her work she dedicates full time to tennis, I can see her achieving that. There were no more womenís matches, so before I went home I watched another menís match. After that, I went to the practice courts and Severine Beltrame was ending her practice with Lilia Osterloh after more than 3 hours. They were the last female players I saw. I hope you enjoyed my report, I wanted to go tomorrow to watch Jelena Dokic and Neuza Silva, but I probably wonít be able to :sad:

Apr 24th, 2005, 09:35 PM
Great report :yeah: :D

You didn't see Vanina? :awww:

The Guilty
Apr 24th, 2005, 09:46 PM
Great report :yeah: :D

You didn't see Vanina? :awww:

Actually I was going to watch her match, but they were in the middle of a game and I had to wait to get in to the court, so I decided to watch Jaslyn Hewitt ;) I forgot to mention the Jaslyn's outfit was the nicest of them all, she was wearing a green and blue outfit from Nike :hearts:

Apr 24th, 2005, 10:13 PM
thank you so much :) :)

Magda :) :yeah:

Apr 25th, 2005, 07:15 AM
Thanks The Guilty!!!

Pity you missed the first two sets of jaslyn/czink

Apr 25th, 2005, 04:00 PM
thanks !!!!!! have you take pictures?

Apr 25th, 2005, 05:16 PM
Thank you :)