View Full Version : How would this Fed Cup format work?

Apr 24th, 2005, 03:28 AM
Let's say the top 8 or 16 teams with the most players in the top 350 in each gepgraphic region play each other example even though this won't be consistent with current rankings

Canada vs.Cuba
Puerto Rico vs. El Salvador
Mexico vs. Guatemala
USA vs. Jamaica

This tournament would take place let's say starting Thursday and the 2 finalist teams would qualify for the finals. Let's say this would be the breakdown for the Final. Just examples:

Europe = 8 teams ( France,Spain,Belgium,Italy,Russia,Czech Republic,Slovakia)
North America =2 teams (USA, Mexico)
South America=2 teams (Colombia,Argentina)
Australia/Oceania = 1 team (Australia)
East Asia= 2 Teams ( China, Japan)
Africa = 1 team (South Africa)

That way most countries could still play but it would be virtually impossibe for some teams ever to move up unless there talent increased. However this would reduce play time and have 2 defined ,set weeks in the calendar with the final being contested in a rotating city and the final matches being best of 3 except the tru final which would be best of 5 matches. i just feel this would save time and would allow maximum particpation from many countries.

What do you think?