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Apr 4th, 2005, 04:30 AM
Day 2 was a lot more entertaining and riveting than day 1 - you could tell all the girls really wanted to qualify for this event and there was tension aplenty in the stands...
Brandi d. Craybas
This match was long and dominated by baseline rallies. Both girls play very similar games, hard flat groundstrokes and very consistent. Neither girl has a major weapon, but a pure power player wouldn't want to meet either of them on an off-day. The 3rd set was the best quality, both players reducted their error count and really moved each other around the court. Jill had 2 match points, & was unlucky on the 1st MP. It was a tremendous 36 stroke rally, Jill finally decided to move forward and tried a drop volley which clipped the net and fell back on her side. At this point, she let out a scream and even Kristina managed a faint smile. The other match point Jill hit a forehand just inches long, the main difference today was a few pints here and there. Both probably played a tad more aggressively than usual, guess you have to when your opponent plays almost the same. Corina M was in the stands, supporting Jill I think, she threw her hands in her face when that unlucky netcord bounced back on Jill's side.

Castano d. Dragomir
Catalina played a lot more aggressively today than she did against Perebynis. She threw in a lot less slices and moonballs than she did in her previous match, maybe because Dragomir plays this same way, altohugh Dragomir's drop shots were not well executed today. Dragomir is probably slightly slower than in previous years, although she retrieves very well. Castano was ecstatic at the end, you could tell the main draw was a real aim of her's. At the end of the match, this group near us asked Ruxandra to sign for them. They asked her how long she would keep playing. She said her short-term goal is to try make the qualifying for Roland Garros, and said she thinks she could still trouble players on red clay.

Pesche d. Osterloh
Kveta was ON today. She hit some 40-something winners, and was just pounding the ball from corner to corner. If she plays like this next match, she could cause an upset or two. Lilia was being beaten at her own game today, what she did to Reeves was happening to her, being moved from side to side and forced to hit from metres behind the baseline. You could tell Lilia was out of her comfort zone, she didn't seem to enjoy being the retrievor. When she got an opportunity to dictate a rally she invariably over-hitted, probably because she knew she had to hit a good shot to complete the point. Lilia managed to save a couple MP's, both of them funny because on both she pounded the ball and said out aloud, 'Well that was the game plan''. Lilia didn't play too badly though, Kveta wouldv'e troubled anyone today. Patty Schydner was in the stands again, Patty and some guy gave Kveta a high five at the end of the match.

More reports to follow later hopefully.

Apr 4th, 2005, 04:32 AM
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Have you seen Marta D. match with Mamic ??

Apr 4th, 2005, 10:49 AM
patty is still nice - 2 days in a row!!

Apr 4th, 2005, 02:20 PM
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Apr 4th, 2005, 06:03 PM
thanks! how was tzipi? did she play better than day one?