View Full Version : Does anyone know a good tennis game on PC?

Mar 31st, 2002, 01:40 PM

Jippo McScally
Mar 31st, 2002, 04:25 PM
Ok this is my run down(I own most tennis games so!):

Game, Net & Match:
It's pretty good! There are 100 men and Women, but it's REALLY easy, there are no real players and the ranking's are very odd! If you look around you can download a demo!

Actua Tennis:
I bought this for 6!! It's also pretty good! There are 32 real men and women and you can either do a tournament, exhobition or a season in Singles, doubles or Mixed doubles. The difficult level is ok, but it can get really easy after you master it!

Pete Sampras Tennis '97:
This is worse than the two above! You basically chose out of two men or two women and play all the people in the game in the final of the tourny! The gameplay is pretty dodgy(spesially the line calls)!

Tennis Masters Series
This is acctually a really good game! The graphics are really smooth and the gameplay is pretty hard!!!!!! Only problem is that there's only 9/10 events and none on Grass!

Roland Garros 2001
I wouldnt buy this! The gameplay is kinda odd and gets boring after a while!

I'd go for Tennis Masters Series! But Virtual Tennis is coming out soon so buy that!!!