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Mar 31st, 2002, 11:53 AM
from Capriati:
It's a little disappointing," Capriati said. "I feel like I was kind of ahead and pretty much in control the whole match."
What match was Cap watching? ;)

from S. Williams:
"How many errors did I make -- 59?" Williams said. "That is unbelievable. That's way too high. That's sloppy"
How true. She must have been going after Henin's record. :eek:

Mar 31st, 2002, 12:18 PM
She must have been going after Henin's record

LMAO!! How many she do then??

was kind of ahead and pretty much in control the whole match

well, she was ahead in both sets, at one point

Mar 31st, 2002, 12:23 PM

Mar 31st, 2002, 12:30 PM
IN ONE MATCH?!?!?!?!?



:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Mar 31st, 2002, 12:32 PM
Her recent one at Miami

Mar 31st, 2002, 12:35 PM
wow that's awful

Mar 31st, 2002, 12:42 PM
103 UE in one match ??? What was she doing on the court ???

Mar 31st, 2002, 12:45 PM
maybe she was pissed or something, trying to hit 2 balls at once is gonna produce a high UE count ....


Mar 31st, 2002, 05:07 PM
It was Henin vs. Smashnova I think so I can understand Justine making a few more errors than usual.

103 is still:eek: though.

Mar 31st, 2002, 05:15 PM
OMG?! :eek: 103! Wow, that's a lot.

Mar 31st, 2002, 05:30 PM
Originally posted by TeeRexx
from [b]Capriati:
It's a little disappointing," Capriati said. "I feel like I was kind of ahead and pretty much in control the whole match."
What match was Cap watching? ;)

Capriati was a head at some point during the match but she was never in control! Serena was always in control. The match was on her racket and she kept letting Capriati think she could win with all those ue's.

Mar 31st, 2002, 06:26 PM
Yeah, Henin was spraying balls everywhere! She also had 49 winners:eek: so obviously she was going for her shots. I think she should have toned it down though.:rolleyes:

Mar 31st, 2002, 08:47 PM

Which match were you watching ?

11 winners points for Jen (only)
97 errors (Jen +Serena)

Neither one was in control of something

I wached it, this was crap

I love power tennis but I was disappointed by the final

:angel: :angel: :angel:

Mar 31st, 2002, 09:43 PM
And still Henin was able to take it to 3 sets! But I cannot understand why she didn't calm down during the match. If you are playing terrible it's better to try something else instead of just keep going for your shots.

But 103 must be a new record! lol

Mar 31st, 2002, 09:46 PM
When you serve for the set twice, and have 7 set points in the 2nd set - I'd say you are in control. You must have done something right to get yourself in that position. Now whether or not she remained in control is another thing.

Apr 1st, 2002, 01:33 AM
i don't think anyone's going to make more than 103 UE's in one match and break that record

Apr 1st, 2002, 03:13 AM
103 UEs??? Holy crap!!! Was she playing with a baseball bat or something?

Apr 1st, 2002, 05:31 AM
103 UE!

I dont think shes gonna make it to Wimbledon 2nd round playing like that.....:eek:

Apr 1st, 2002, 06:54 AM
There you go again Mr Rexx, having a go at my Serena and my Jen...jealousy is what it is.

:p :p :p

Leave the elite players alone and stick with worrying about your also ran! :p ;)

Apr 1st, 2002, 07:48 AM
the 103 UE error stat for henin was WRONG. they counted every error, forced or otherwise as unforced.

i think henins opponent for the match only won 115 points for the match.

think about it 103 out of 115???

Apr 1st, 2002, 09:18 AM
:eek: 103 errors!

But maybe juggler is right...

Apr 1st, 2002, 11:00 AM
Could be, If Smachnova made 12 winners they probably did count that way, otherwise it could be possible. Smachnova's style is to bring everything back and make the opponent go for more every time...

Apr 1st, 2002, 11:42 AM
smashnova hit 10 winners

now henin won 102 points of which she hit 49 winners and smashnova commited 48 unforced errors (97/102 points, leaves 5 points)

now u would think someone who hit 49 winners would FORCE their opponent into error more than 5 times???

these stats are clearly wrong

Apr 1st, 2002, 12:10 PM
Justine will get back at the top soon!
I'm sure of it!
I think the final was great!
Very exciting!

Apr 1st, 2002, 12:56 PM

Anna k made errors like that about 2 or 3 years ago (when she couldn't serve without doing DF)

Justine got the record now ?

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