View Full Version : Locker Room Confrontation pt 3

Mar 31st, 2002, 04:06 AM
Venus: Dayum I can't believe I got beat like that!
Martina: You did!!!!
Venus: Well she beat you too!
Martina: But she is your sister and she spanked that A$$!

Venus: Well she spanked your forehead!

Venus on the Cell: Dad did you see how well Serena played!

Richard: I can't take this call right now...I'm in a press conference with my champion tennis player daughter....call me back later.

Venus: This is VENUS!!!!!

Richard: "Click"

Venus: Hello....hello....HeLLOOOOO! I can't belive he did that!

dails the cell phone (310)777-3456....

Venus: Hello....

Brandy: Best Friend....

Venus: I really need some support right now!
Brandy: I Wanna Be Down!

Venus: Well it about Richard.

Brandy: No..The Boy Is Mine.

Venus: no, no no Richard, my father. What are you doing?

Brandy: Sitting Up In My Room.

Venus: What are you doing up there?
I know you're doing something crazy.

Brandy: I'm watching Moesha!

Venus: Seriously, I know you are an Angel In Disquise so tell me the truth.

Brandy: well, Have You Ever loved somebody

Venus: Yea....my dad, my mom, Serena before she seriously kicked my butt earlier...

Brandy: WHAT ABout Us?

Venus: what!?

Brandy: What A-Bout Us?

Venus: Girl youre crazy!
Brandy: What About Us?

Venus: You just got married!

Brandy: What about all about?

Venus: I'm confused

Brandy What about All about?

Venus: Not me..but there's AMELIE
Brandy: What a-bout Us!.....

Venus: hello......It must be static

Brandy: What ABOUT Us?

Venus: Oh my gosh...golly gee.

Brandy: Girl I'm just practicing, I have to do Jay Leno tonite. And you need to practice too, cause you got seriously spanked by Serena!!!!

Venus: Well you got spanked by Wanya! (x-boyfriend/B-II-M)

Brandy: I was sitting on top of the world..then!

Venus: Well I was on top... three weeks ago!

Brandy: I got to go....peace... there is a press conference on with Serena and Venus... and she is giving my props! Peace girl...I'm out!