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Mar 31st, 2002, 02:39 AM
======= ==============
4803 01 J.CAPRIATI... - Defending 696 points until RG
4385 02 V.WILLIAMS... - Defending 308 points until RG
3730 03 M.HINGIS..... - Defending 707 points until RG

Yeah yeah yeah at the top. Then it gets interesting.

3421 04 K.CLIJSTERS.. - Defending 83 points until Roland Garros. Bol semi.

* Second round loss at Rome, first round loss at Berlin are not among her 17 best results. Not back in shape yet. Plenty of time til the French.

3350 05 L.DAVENPORT.. - How bad is it? Any Lindsay fans who pass by, please post.

3314 06 M.SELES...... - Defending ONE point until Roland Garros.

* First round loss at Madrid. Actually, she's one defending one point until LOS ANGELES. She's going to add Roland Garros and Wimbledon points without losing any. This is the best shot at #1 Monica has had in years.

3271 07 S.WILLIAMS... - Defending NO points until Roland Garros.

* Getting through clay court season healthy would be a success for Serena.

Look closer, and it gets REAL interesting. Drop Martina's points til RG, since her main competition isn't defending any. She'd be ranked #7.

3023 07 M.HINGIS

There you have it. A straight up drag race between Kim, Monica and Serena for the #4 seed at Roland Garros. None of them are defending anything. They are only 150 points apart right now. Whoever plays the best will surely get that #4. They will undoubtedly wait til the outcome of Rome before making the seeds. Actaully, the #4 AND #3 seeds will be determined, since Martina is defending so many points, she's functionally staring BEHIND them!

Place your bets.

They are a few interesting tidbits further down.

2991 08 J.HENIN...... What's going on here? 4th round Indian Wells, 3rd round Miami. Has to get it together. had a good clay season last year. 80 Hamberg, 210 Berlin, 350 Roland Garros. That's 640 points she's going to lose before June.

2892 09 J.DOKIC...... PLEASE park it til you're healthy. You're scaring us. Has to shut it down right now to have a prayer of defending Rome.

2651 10 A.MAURESMO... All hail the Mystery Queeen. The Buttefly is emerging from the Chrysalis. How well did Amelie play on clay last year? She's defending 1200 points BEFORE Roland Garros. Her ranking will drop like a rock if she doesn't perform well out of the gate.

2079 11 S.TESTUD..... Injury. Details, anyone?

1769 12 S.FARINA-ELIA Did her best damage during clay season last year. Justine, Lindsay and Jelena are all failing to perform for one reason or another. A top ten ranking is a good, not grat, just good, clay season away.

1724 13 M.SHAUGHNESSY Did not take advantage of her rank this winter. Defending 283 at Hamburg and this isn't her surface. My bet is, Arantxa nails her.

1685 14 A.SANCHEZ.... Defending 808 points this clay season. Will lose points virtuallyevery week.

1429 15 D.HANTUCHOVA. The only thing she's defending between now and Roalnd Garros is 68 points in Rome. I will be surprised to see anything noteworthy from her on this surface. ( Like Jelena wining Rome last year? Oh. Never mind. :) )

1425 16 E.DEMENTIEVA. I hope seeing Daniela above her inthe rankings give Dementieva a kick in the ass. With her forehand, she should be pushing the top five, not languishing down here.

1412 17 N.TAUZIAT.... ret

1378 18 A.COETZER.... Dug the FHM shots.

1225 19 I.TULYAGANOVA Nothin' much on clay.

1221 20 M.MALEEVA.... Can play on the surface. Defending a couple hundred points til RG.

1164 21 L.RAYMOND....


1087 23 B.SCHETT.....

1048 24 A.STEVENSON.. Don't expect this to hold through clay season. NOT her best surface. Still, she's had a great winter.

1041 25 T.PANOVA..... Good show at Miami

1026 26 D.BEDANOVA... If you're a player, it's time to step up. If you're a wannabe, you're about to get exposed.

1015 27 F.SCHIAVONE.. If you're a player, it's time to step up. If you're a wannabe, you're about to get exposed.

1007 28 A.KREMER.....

1004 29 A.MONTOLIO... If you're a player, it's time to step up. If you're a wannabe, you're about to get exposed.

0977 30 A.SUGIYAMA...
0948 31 R.GRANDE.....
0913 32 H.NAGYOVA....
0897 34 P.SCHNYDER...
0890 35 N.DECHY......
0881 36 A.MYSKINA....
0835 37 A.SMASHNOVA.. Fine year so far.
0813 39 C.MARTINEZ...
0808 40 N.PRATT......
0805 41 M.SUCHA......
0803 42 N.PETROVA....
0797 43 Ad.SERRA-ZANE
0770 44 M.SERNA......
0755 45 E.GAGLIARDI.. Nice run into the top 50 for Emmanuelle.
0714 47 J.HUSAROVA...
0697 49 A.MOLIK......
0690 50 A-I.MEDINA-GU
0689 51 T.PISNIK.....
0685 52 P.MANDULA....
0656 53 P.SUAREZ.....
0655 54 A.FRAZIER....
0653 55 M.IRVIN...... Nice job on Meghann Shaughnessy at Miami.
0652 56 K.SREBOTNIK..
0639 57 L.OSTERLOH...
0637 58 R.DE LOS RIOS
0605 60 M.TU.........
0596 61 I.MAJOLI.....
0583 62 C.BLACK......
0577 63 M.MARRERO....
0568 64 C.RUBIN......
0554 65 B.RITTNER....
0544 66 A.KOURNIKOVA. This is f*ckin' sad.
0542 68 J.HOPKINS....
0532 69 B.LAMADE.....
0530 70 J.KRUGER.....
0528 71 L.KRASNOROUTSKAYA Gotta move gotta go right now baby girl gotta go go go
0517 74 T.POUTCHEK...
0511 75 M.MATEVZIC...

Mar 31st, 2002, 03:01 AM
Just a few (ramshackle) thoughts....

Volcana, I hope you're right about Elena getting a rocket up her arse at the first sight of Daniela ahead of her, somehow (and quite rightly when you think about it) I don't think it'll worry her a jot. I do think however that she's coming good again. Isn't really defending anything at all as far as I can remember.

Amelie is the enigma, and everyone's waiting for her to play her hand. I can't see any reason why she cannot hold her own through this period. She's very consistent. Wait, did someone just mention Roland Garros? I don't think anyone's going to be dominating this clay season, but she'll hold her own. Of course if she doesn't....

Justine: Well I'm biased. I can't believe she won't make some inroads into the points she's defending, but I'm not basing that on anything except that it's what I BELIEVE. Unfortunately.

News is (this is most likely old news) that Jelena is playing Sarasota. That there's nothing to worry about, and that she's fine. Like we haven't heard that one before.

Players I expect to move up, among others: Torrens Valero, Schett, Schiavone, Dementieva (bias prevails here).

Eggy knows the deal with Lina, but she's a few weeks back from being completely fit and healed etc.

Thanks for going through it though, I'm sure others will have more interesting thoughts than I on this.....

Mar 31st, 2002, 03:31 AM
Actually, Kim has points to defend in Bol! around 80! i am not sure~
Hingis has to fight to retain her no .3 seed also as she won't show up in America!

Mar 31st, 2002, 03:35 AM
thorn, I'll double check that. Anyway you look at it, its very close though.

Mar 31st, 2002, 03:53 AM
Volcana, Shaughnessy and Tulyaganova have had their best results on clay.

Go look 'em up. :)

Mar 31st, 2002, 04:53 AM
suprisingly enough, im going w/ seles at #3, serena at #4, kim at #5, and martina at #6. theres no way serena can get excellent results at clay, and besides, how many tournaments can she be playing? seles on the other hand is willing to play all the tournaments possible to get that ranking up - and will. expect big things from monica when tempted by that big seeding that she's been dreaming about for a while. kim isn't up to par yet and will be passed by the already mentioned w/ the points dropping off. martina will lose too many pts to keep her ranking where it is. she'll be stunned at where she's going and will have a tough time getting back up unless she gets lucky in her draws, facing seles or clijsters instead of jenn, venus, or serena in the QFs. the bottom section is also funny b/c the 4 of them are fighting for the 3rd spot while dokic, henin, and mauresmo (and maybe more) are fighting for #7 and #8. mauresmo has no chance considering the points she's losing - and when was the last time she played a tourny? the other two + meghann + silvia...engh, i dont know! it really depends on how well dokic can step it up b/c henin has too many pts. to defend, and how well meghann and silvia can play on these clay tournaments. meghann's struggling right now, so big opp. for silvia to shine.

and btw - lindsay's not coming back before RG, so she's out of the picture for the time being :sad: and testud is also injured (dont know when she'll be back)

RG Seeding predictions:
1. Capriati
2. Venus
3. Seles
4. Serena
5. Clijsters
6. Hingis
7. Dokic
8. Henin
9. Farina-Elia
10. Shaughnessy
11. Mauresmo

Mar 31st, 2002, 05:06 AM
ok, so to add more drama to the mix, it appears sandrine's injury was fake! (http://www.wtaworld.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15661) how many points does she lose during the clay season? ill probably alter my prediction once i know that

Mar 31st, 2002, 05:58 AM
Tulyaganova. Yes her best results are on clay. But I see nothing that makes me think she's even as likely as Venus Williams to win Hamburg. We're talking about winning a Tier III and a Tier IV. I don't see a Tier I semi in her future this year, that's for sure.

2001-07-09 Vienna 244 WON III
2001-07-16 Knokke-Heist 218 WON IV
2001-10-22 Linz 151 SF II
2001-06-18 's-Hertogenbosch 129 SF III
2001-05-21 Strasbourg 72 QF III
2002-01-14 Australian Open 66 3RD Grand Slam
2001-06-25 Wimbledon 52 3RD Grand Slam
2001-10-15 Zurich 46 2ND I
2001-10-01 Moscow 46 2ND I
2001-08-27 U.S. Open 42 2ND Grand Slam
2001-06-11 Tashkent 39 QF IV
2001-03-19 Miami 38 3RD I
2002-03-04 Indian Wells 32 3RD I
2001-04-02 Porto 20 2ND IV
2001-05-28 Roland Garros 2 1ST Grand Slam
2002-02-18 Dubai 1 1ST II
2002-01-28 Tokyo 1 1ST I

Mar 31st, 2002, 09:24 AM
I expect Hingis to fall to #6 after Charleston but she will play Hamburg where she has no points to defend.......so she'll pick up some free points there and get back to the top5 at that time! But again, she's defending a lot of points right after that ... 3 SF (Berlin, Rome and RG). The good news, she's scheduled to play them and they're all on clay (one of her best surfaces)..........the bad news, the players who defeated her this year so far are playing there too ... JCap and Serena (plus Venus)! And with a seed outside the top4, she'll have to face them before the SF!!!!! Which could mean another fall........

Mar 31st, 2002, 09:34 AM
I agree with most of this. But I don't think Martina will necessarily fall to #7. If she does well at Hamburg and defends her semis at Rome, Berlin, RG and/or betters them, surely she'll manage to stay at #5 or #6?

I'm not convinced Serena will have a great clay season (unless she really really commits to it and wants it) so she might well stay at #7.

Seles should shoot up the rankings, anything less than #4 would be a waste of this opportunity.

Mar 31st, 2002, 10:15 AM
Originally posted by Volcana
0544 66 A.KOURNIKOVA. This is f*ckin' sad.

Yeah really fu*king sad, but how many fu*king points has she got to defend for the rest of the year??? Try 62

You love to make the point that Monica and Serena have very little to defend before the French and so what.. (until San Diego for Monica)
But you must have a memory lost when it comes to Anna, just how many events did she play from march to September last year??? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

But what else would you expect from a moron...
You probably think she is going to be ranked 65 come the end of the year...

[0528 71 L.KRASNOROUTSKAYA Gotta move gotta go right now baby girl gotta go go go

How do you think she actually fell to think point??? I am sure you would have noticed that she has been injured since the Oz open and not played any events :rolleyes: So don't you think it is hard to make a move when you are actually not playing..

Mar 31st, 2002, 12:00 PM
Hey, I don't think Volcana was implying that Anna & Lina wouldn't move up or hadn't been injured. Just that their current ranking isn't indicative of their abilities and that that is sad.

I'd be very surpised if Anna isn't top 30 by the end of the year, and am expecting her to be in the top 20.

Mar 31st, 2002, 12:12 PM
I think you are just a little sensitive.

Looks like Volcana was saying what I and many other fans think - that it is sad that a player of ANNA'S ability is struggling to come back from an injury and is suffering in the point totals.

Now apologize to poor Volcana, please. ;)

Mar 31st, 2002, 12:45 PM
Umm if only that was the case Tee Rex.. Now if that statement was coming from anyone else on this board (except for a few others, which I will not name) I might think that is what they mean't, perhaps that is the case for Lina.. But when you don't play it is hard to climb the ranking, Lina's case this year..

But as for Anna, this is not the first time he has mentioned anything about her.. She is continuely on his hit list..

I mean who's go out of there way to bring a topic from a tournament thread to general message.. EG Miami and says, "didn't see the match but what happened".. UMM when it wasn't on TV, how many do you think actually saw it???

But then I ask the question, why wasn't there a serperate thread on every player that lost in the first Rd brought to the general messages???

I can answer that, he likes to bash her, this is the same fool who at the beginning of the year, said that Anna had the wrong prepartion going into Sydney and her match against Serena.. I mean it was only the 2nd week of the year and she played the previously week in NZ, but had not had the right prepartion according to Volcana..

Anyway the guy is full of it, simple as that..

Mar 31st, 2002, 01:32 PM
So the race is between Martina, Kim, Monica and Serena for the #3 and #4 seed at the French open.

Here are their rankings with their defending points dropped (excluding Lindsay):

3. Kim Clijsters - 3338pts
4. Monica Seles - 3314pts
5.Serena Williams - 3271pts
6. Martina Hingis - 3023pts

And here are their respective schedules leading up to the FO

3. Kim Clijsters
SCHEDULE: Hamburg (Tier IIB), Berlin (Tier IC), Berlin (Tier IC), Rome (Tier IC) (Although I heard in a Key Biscayne interview that she was going to pick between Rome and Berlin)

4. Monica Seles
SCHEDULE: Amelia Island (Tier IIB), Hilton Had (Tier IC), Rome(Tier IC)

5. Serena Williams
SCHEDULE: Family Circle Cup (Tier IC), Berlin (Tier IC), Rome (Tier IC)

6. Martina Hingis
SCHEDULE: Hamburg (Tier IIB), Berlin (Tier IC), Rome (Tier IC)

It looks very close but I think both Monica and Serena will grab the spots barring injury. Kim doesn;t seem to be playing her best at the moment due to her injury and clay isn;t her best surface so I don't really expect her to excel.

Monica should do pretty well at all events. She should probably atleast make the finals of both Amelia and Hilton Head and possibly win one of them providing she has got over her exhaustion. She should definitely wrap up a top 4 seeding for the FO after the claycourt season.

Serena has a good chance of making it but it remains uncertain whether she can perform well on clay. Since she is playing all Tier I's I think she should be able to make it unless Martina performs outstandingly which is possible.

It is between Martina and Serena for the last spot. It all depends on how Martina performs. If she is playing well and if Serena is confident on clay.

Mar 31st, 2002, 05:03 PM
Re Anna

Anna's preparation has produced Anna's year.
Serena's preparation has produced Serena's year.
Both of them have been injured this year. Serena's missed a lot more time.

Re Lina

Sometimes in a player's development, they hit periods where they really need to advance. Periods that may define whether they are a top 50 player or a top 20 player. Looka at Iva Majoli and Patty Schnyder. Both excelled, and then had setbacks. Iva was injured, after a couple years of top ten rankings and winning RG. While she was recovering, the game moved on. She's never caught up. Had she been healthy in 1998 abd 1999, she might have made the adjustment.

Will Patty Schnyder ever be the player who won five Tier II's in a year? She's young, but her situation's complicated. Again, the tour may have passed her by. The opportunity for athletic excellence can be fleeting. I'd prefer not to see Lina K miss he chance.

Mar 31st, 2002, 09:29 PM
Volcana is not my favourite poster but I think he is the most objective and has good insight into the players' games. His analyses are usually excellent.

Mar 31st, 2002, 09:49 PM
I think Monica will be #4 or #3 bar injury.She shoudl get to the final in amelia island baring a meeting with Amelie which she could loose but shes more than cappable of beating amelie on clay AGAIN! and then Venus to take amelia island and in Charlston her domminance on clay shoudl give her a semi at least! thats about 400 points from both tournies giving her the #3 i'm sure befroe may!

Thats great news:D

Mar 31st, 2002, 10:22 PM
does anyone know sandrine's situation in this whole thing? depending on how many points she loses, she could also be in the race for the bottom seed (w/ meghann, silvia, justine, jelena, and amelie)

thanx for doing all this volcana :wavey: :kiss:

Mar 31st, 2002, 10:39 PM
Jennifer and Venus have the top two seeds wrapped up with pretty pink bows.:kiss:

The #3 seed is up for grabs between Monica, Martina, Serena and Kim. Kim is playing two events leading up to RG, Monica Martina and Serena all play 3. Based on the way Kim is playing, she might end up with the #6 seed.

Serena hasn't ever shown she can be dominant on clay, but with the way she's been on fire lately, she could get the #3 or 4 seed depending on how well Martina and Monica perform.

Monica should excel and capture 1 maybe 2 titles before RG, and take the #3 seeding, if not the #3 ranking.

Martina will lose aroun 700 points but performs great on clay and should defend all her semis at Hamburg, Berlin and Rome, and could take advantage of the lack of talented clay paleyrs and win one or two of them.

Predicted Seedings


Thanks for putting all this info up for us Volcana.

Williams Rulez
Apr 1st, 2002, 11:02 AM
Point is that Martina is not defending her 300 points at Charleston. She'd have to win Rome and Berlin to make up for that finalist points. Or she would have to win Hamburg, win Rome/Berlin and reach the semis of the other.

That is a tall order for any player. In order words, Serena and Monica are ahead of Martina by 200 points and Martina has to close that gap to overtake Serena and Monica. It is not very likely in my opinion, hence I think Serena and Monica will be seeded ahead of Martina.

Apr 1st, 2002, 03:01 PM
They better wish that Hingis is not seated 5 at RG, because one of the top 4 would get her in the quarters (we know Monica don't want't Hingis no matter what the surface;) ) It's the same problem the players had with Serena on hardcourt, 1 of the top 4 met her in the quarters.

Apr 1st, 2002, 03:19 PM
You may be sure that Kim won't let that number 3 or 4 seeding slip away!
She'll get it, don't worry!!!

Apr 1st, 2002, 03:44 PM
Well considering the defending points of the top 3 players and then looking at the next 3-4 players in line, I say out of current performance that the player with the shot at number three is the player most likely to move up to number two before RG...

Mathematically, in order for the player to make finals or win the final of lead-up torneys, they would most likely face the number one and number two seeds along the way and like in Miami...Serena collected a barage of quality points by defeating #3,2,1 players in the world.

Serena is the only player who has defeated the top three...

Monica always have problems with Martina and Venus and yet can balance out Capriati.

Kim is still questionable against the top three....her wins are not a sure bet but rather iffy.

Serena needs to get at least one more win over Venus to convince me that she has returned....She is the player outside of the top 3 to infitrate the top 3.....but I say that by RG Serena will be one of the following ranks...3,2,1...I'm going for number 2.....

Justine and Amelie should not be discounted since they have some good results on clay....they are the main threats to ruining Serena's quest...

My picks for the top four before wimbledon


Sorry but I expect Monica and Serena to cancel Capriati out and Venus to capitalize on her number two seedings.....it's all mathematically.

By summer time

1.Venus( she supposedly will play Toronto...whether she takes another tourney off her schedule depends on points earned)

2.Monica( if monica returns to Estyle finals again)

3.Serena( not paying Toronto but maybe she will pick up either Pilot Pen or another tourney off of Venus' schedule...I say it's Pilot Pen since Venus has already conquered the tourney....)

4.Capriati--To be fair. Her ranking depends on how she performs at Roland Garros..after that it's all up to her on how she wants to tackle the Ve-mo-Se monster and it doesn't look good since she has now lost to Serena three matches in a row....

Apr 6th, 2002, 01:39 AM
There's been a potential change today. Monca Seles, who had been scheduled to play Amelia Island, Charleston and Rome. As she won't play Munich or Berlin, she can't really make up the points. Amelia Island IS a Tier II, but it will have a much more quality point rich field than Bol or Budapest. Of these four players, only Serena is playing Charleston, so Monica won't visibly lose ground in the ranking.

But as it stands, Kim, Serena and Martina all have a tournament in hand over Monica. Stay tuned.

3313 M.SELES

Apr 6th, 2002, 03:03 AM
i dont really know why monica pulled out of amelia island (though im sure someone does), but that's really gonna hurt her chances at the #3 - not that she hasnt overworked herself already to get where she is now. most likely, she'll get passed by serena soon. though she might still get the #4, she really opened it up for serena by not adding points to her total.

martina - is in a terrible position where she is now and will just be losing points every week until RG, where more points will come off. her chances at the #3? very slim to none. ditto for the #4. martina should be looking at her lowest seeding at a grand slam since probably 1997 (if even then).

kim - engh. well, she has very little coming off, but has anyone seen her play recently? a loss to dechy at IW, coming off injury, however, and a big blow at miami when she lost in that long match to seles. she's in trouble as well, but if she can pick it up, then, she'll be good. her chances at #3? not a clue.

monica - given her recent withdrawl, like i said, she's in trouble too. she should do well at the events she's entered - though the quality points are low. her chances at #3? yeah, right. #4? well, w/ great (and i mean great) results at her tournaments, she could beat out kim and martina for it, which would be great for her.

serena - the only one of this bunch who's in excellent form (except that miami final) AND has nothing to lose (w/ monica at a close second). w/ no pts. coming off, she's looking the best so far. the oppositte of martina, serena should be looking at her highest seeding at a grand slam ever (correct me if im wrong, but, im pretty sure of that). her chances at #3? the best, given her great results at events. #4? well, if she has solid results (all somewhat good), this should be a piece of cake, though im sure she really wants that #3 spot. she gets my vote.

that's my two cents. thanx for reading! :wavey: :kiss:

Apr 7th, 2002, 03:32 AM
i really like this thread so bump


Apr 7th, 2002, 03:42 AM
Serena or Kimmie.

Go Serena Williams

Apr 7th, 2002, 03:46 AM
niftymk, how will Monica be passed by Serena this week when neither of them is either playing or defending points?

Apr 7th, 2002, 03:55 AM
sorry bout that - that wasnt really what i meant :o :rolleyes:

Apr 7th, 2002, 10:22 PM
Volcana once again an intelligent, insightful post and discussion. I feel that Monica may win the race for No.4, for me the most interesting thing is how Amilie the great mystery of tennis will perform, she has only one point to defend at RG but if she doesn't perform until then it may be too late.

Apr 7th, 2002, 10:46 PM

Apr 8th, 2002, 01:48 AM
i have a question for anyone who happens to know:

when is jenn losing points and is she defending those or not? likewise, where is venus defending her points, is she defending them, and how many other tournaments are being played by her until RG (not including the one where she has to defend)?

Apr 8th, 2002, 02:24 AM
Originally posted by niftymk
i have a question for anyone who happens to know:

when is jenn losing points and is she defending those or not? likewise, where is venus defending her points, is she defending them, and how many other tournaments are being played by her until RG (not including the one where she has to defend)?

JCap will defend her title at Charleston april 15th, then will play in Berlin may 6th (RU points to defend) and in Rome may 13th (1 point to defend)......that's a lot of points to defend actually (696 pts)
Venus is playing next week at Amelia Island (no points to defend), will then defend her title at Hamburg, april 29th, won't defend her points in Berlin (40) but will play then in Rome may 13th where she has no points to defend......so 3 tournaments played before the french! A total of 308 pts to defend.....with some good runs in those extra tournaments she can get the #1 back before the french!

Apr 8th, 2002, 03:00 AM
If Monica comes back next week, she should be in good shape esp. if she enters Bol, which she won't, but should. I fully expect her to win FCC if she plays. JCap will not beat Monica on clay; Serena will be very hard pressed to beat Seles on clay, too. FCC is too big an opportunity for Monica to pass up. She has a good chance at Rome, too, but with Hingis and Venus playing there, her chances are more slim than FCC. If Monica pulls out of FCC, no way/no how will she get a top-4 seed for Roland Garros.

I bet Serena will be #3 for RG. Hingis/Seles will be #4 depending on when Monica comes back.

Serena and Venus are both playing Berlin??:confused: IIRC, they both were slated to play Rome for the past 2 years, and that did not happen either year. I bet Serena does not play Berlin- but she should still get #3, imo.

Apr 8th, 2002, 03:28 AM
Originally posted by joao

JCap will defend her title at Charleston april 15th, then will play in Berlin may 6th (RU points to defend) and in Rome may 13th (1 point to defend)......that's a lot of points to defend actually (696 pts)
Venus is playing next week at Amelia Island (no points to defend), will then defend her title at Hamburg, april 29th, won't defend her points in Berlin (40) but will play then in Rome may 13th where she has no points to defend......so 3 tournaments played before the french! A total of 308 pts to defend.....with some good runs in those extra tournaments she can get the #1 back before the french!

thanx joao! :wavey: :kiss: :D

Jun 22nd, 2002, 11:40 AM
I just returned to the board and all I can say is hmmmmmsee my previous post...my predictions came true except for Seles being at number three...but I was dead on about Serena and kim and Justine...after all it was Justine who eliminated Serena in the finals and Kim who defeated Venus the week before.....Let's not mention the second win that came at RG over Venus, and last the ranking ......not bragging on myself but I deserve to mention this.