View Full Version : Who will play In Brussels???

Mar 29th, 2002, 10:34 PM
So Who will play in Brussels?? I'm sure Kim will not play, maybe Justine?? What about other names?

And why is there so little advertising around this tournament? :(

Mar 29th, 2002, 10:42 PM
As this is literally in my backyard, I am still waiting for a wild card. ;)

Mar 30th, 2002, 09:03 AM
Hehe, Hagar. Do u want to join me in doubles? ;) (now the only thing I need is a wig..)

I think Els & Elke will get the WCs. Kim & Justine will both NOT play.

Mar 30th, 2002, 10:06 AM
I thougt they wouldn't play :(

Maybe Els can get in the main draw without a wild card.

Any news about other (non)belgian players??

Mar 30th, 2002, 10:13 AM
No sorry.. probably Leslie, Caroline, Daphne & Kirsten will play in the qualifying tournament.

Isn't there an official site?? :mad:

Mar 30th, 2002, 11:11 AM
this tourni has no official site yet...I'll post it when there is one.

Frau Antje
Apr 2nd, 2002, 06:09 PM
Laurence told me in Antwerp, that she maybe will play

Apr 3rd, 2002, 08:06 AM
Really? I read in an interview that she would only play Interclubs & Belgian Championships. Antwerp was an exception because the organizers asked her to play there and because Elke & Laurence had been given a WC into the doubles main draw.

Apr 3rd, 2002, 03:57 PM
Tier ? is this tournament?
Go the Belgians!!!

Apr 3rd, 2002, 04:38 PM
Tier IV I think.

Frau Antje
Apr 3rd, 2002, 08:48 PM
Laurence told me she isn't sure (because of her studies and so) but maybe (if it's like Antwerp) she plays in Brussels

but if not I will see her at the German League for Bocholt :bounce:

Apr 4th, 2002, 04:18 PM

Apr 15th, 2002, 09:09 PM
Aranxta Sanchez blikvanger in Brussel

De Spaanse Aranxta Sanchez-Vicario, zeventiende op de wereldranglijst, wordt de blikvanger van de eerste ,,Kampioenschappen van de Franse Gemeenschap van België'', van 8 tot 14 juli plaats in de Royal Léopold Club in Ukkel, op gravel.

Naast Aranxta Sanchez-Vicario bevestigden de organisatoren de komst van de Spaanse Gala Leon Garcia (WTA 48), de Duitse Barbara Rittner (WTA 65) en de Tsjechische Denisa Chladkova (WTA 79). Vier Belgische speelsters, onder wie Elke Clijsters, kregen een invitatie. Justine Henin en Kim Clijsters mogen aan dit tornooi uit de categorie ,Tier IV' niet deelnemen. (belga)

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Apr 17th, 2002, 02:50 PM
Has the centre court in Leopold Club been upgraded?

I went 2 years ago to follow the final of the Belgian championship, and half of the stadium didn't have any seats. We had to sit on something like concreat or mud.

I know this might only be a Tier IV, but it deserves something beter in my opinion.

Apr 17th, 2002, 04:29 PM
I've read in "La Dernière Heure" that Rudy Demotte, minister of the French Community" want to upgrade the tournament for next years! So he said it'll be an higher event and somewhere else in the calendar!!!!

Great news, isn't it?