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Mar 11th, 2005, 12:57 AM
With the top 12 coming up next week, what do you guys think have been the top 10 (or favorite) performances of the past 3 seasons (include the top 24 of this season if you must)? And do you think anyone in this current crop has the goods to perform a really stand out performance?

My top 10 favorites

1. Jasmine Trias - I'll Never Love This Way Again (i love! love! love! this performance and can listen to it allll day long)
2. Kelly Clarkson - Stuff Like That There
3. Tamyra Gray - A House is Not A Home
4. La Toya London - All By Myself
5. Jennifer Hudson - The Circle of Life
6. Clay Aiken - Solitaire
7. Diana Degarmo - Don't Cry Out Loud
8. Kelly Clarkson - Natural Woman
9. Tamyra Gray - A Fool In Love
0. Fantasia Barrino - Summertime

I feel like there's a few people who certainly have the talent to put up some legendary performances of American Idol proportions in this current group: Carrie, Anwar, and Jessica. My problem with these three is that while vocally they are there, they haven't really connected with me with any of their performances. Yes, they are great performances but I have yet to really feel that they have found the right song to convery some emotions and connection with the audience.

I think both Nadia and Mario have great stage pressence but they will need to really stretch the vocals to do it for me. I've been impressed because fo their performances but not with their voices really.

Mar 11th, 2005, 03:56 AM
this is a good idea...............mine are as follows:

1. Kelly Clarkson- Without you
2. Tamyra Gray- A House is not a Home
3. Fantasia- Summertime
4. Kelly Clarkson- Stuff Like that There
5. Latoya London- Dont Rain on my Parade
6. Latoya London- all by myself
7. Jennifer Hudson- Circle of Life
8. Kelly Clarkson- Respect
9. Latoya London- Dont leave me this way
10. Kimberly Caldwell- Come to my window

I just realized that my list is only girls lol...............but i havent really like any of the guys on any of the seasons so far (i do like mario this year though).......but these were definitely my faves.

Sally Struthers
Mar 11th, 2005, 04:10 AM
1. Kelly- Stuff Like That There
2. Kelly - Surrender
3. Latoya - All By Myself
4. Clay - This Is The Night
5. Fantasia - Summertime
6. Tamyra - A House is not a Home
7. Latoya - Somewhere
8. Kelly - Without You
9. Clay - Sugarpie Honeybunch
10. Diana -Don't Cry Out Loud

Mar 11th, 2005, 04:39 AM
A house is not a home by Tamyra for me :D And Natural Woman by Kelly, that note :eek: :D Without you was also great....

In season 2, i really liked trenice singing that song in the wild card competition..I jsut don't remember the title ;) Season 2 wasn't as good for me as the other two in great eprformances!

Season 3, i jsut loved Circle of life by Jennfier Hudson. Summertime by fantasia was :eek: :worship: Latoya sang great on almost all of her songs, but all by myself was great!

Strangely, i don't remember the song msot of u put in there by Kelly, Stuff like that there....im sure when ill listen toit ill remember though!

Mar 11th, 2005, 04:57 AM
1. Fantasia-What Are you Doing The Rest of Your Life?
2. Tamyra Gray-House is Not a Home
3. Fantasia-Summertime
4. Kelly Clarkson-Stuff Like That There
5. Latoya London-All By Myself
6. Carrie Underwood-Could've Been
7. Nikko Smith-Let's get It On
8. Corey Clark-Foolish Heart
9. Mikalah Gordon-God Bless The Child
10. Latoya London-Don't Leave me this Way

Honorable Mention: CAMILE!! I loved all her performances!


Mar 11th, 2005, 02:37 PM
This is easy. Fantasia's performance of 'Summertime' was just simply sensational.blows all the other competition away.

Mar 11th, 2005, 04:53 PM
Actually I could fill up this top 10 list with just Fantasia, Jennifer and Latoya, cuz those winches out sang everybody that auditioned for American Idol ALL seasons I've seen (Except Frenchie Davis) but anyway here's my top 10 from DIFFERENT contestants.

1. Frenchie Davis- And I'm tellin you now (audition)
2. Fantasia Barrino - I Believe (Finale)
3. Jennifer Hudson- Circle of Life (Elton John Night)
4. Latoya London- If I had it all (Barry Mantilo night)
5. Anwar Robinson "What a wonderful world" (this past monday)
6. George Huff- "Sittin on the dock of the Bay"
7. Ruben Studdard "A whole new world"
8. Kelly Clarkson "I Cant Live with you"
9. Leah Labelle- "I have nothing"
10. Mikalah Gordon- "God Bless the Child"

Mar 11th, 2005, 05:55 PM
Great thread! I have fallen in love with Diana Degarmo's voice. At first it was Kelly, now I am into Diana ;) So most of the Diana stuff will be at the top of my list. Where as Kelly's performances are starting to fall in my mind, just because I am so into Diana right now.

Here goes, but I am biased.... Diana vs Kelly :yeah:


1. Diana Degarmo - Dont cry out loud
2. Diana Degarmo - This is it
3. Diana Degarmo - No more tears
4. Diana Degarmo - Think
5. Diana Degarmo - Because you loved me
6. Kelly Clarkson - Without you
7. Diana Degarmo - One voice
8. Kelly Clarkson - Surrender
9. Kelly Clarkson - Stuff like that there
10. Kelly Clarkson - Walk on by

Honarable mention (Diana Degarmo - I got the music in me)

Mar 11th, 2005, 05:58 PM
OMG i so forgot I'mtelling u im not going by Frenchie! It was great!

Mar 11th, 2005, 06:43 PM
1. Trenyce - I'm Every Woman
2. Tamyra Gray - A house is not a home
3. George Huff - Take me to the Pilot
4. Kelly Clarkson - Walk on by
5. Fantasia Barrino - Summertime
6. Fantasia Barrino - I believe
7. Mikalah Gordon - God Bless This Child
8. Aloha - Work It out
9. Jennifer Hudson - Heatwave
10. Jasmine Trias - Breathe

Mar 11th, 2005, 07:13 PM
3. George Huff - Take me to the Pilot


I'll add..

1. Summertime- Fantasia
2. You Were Always on My Mind - Fantasia
3. See Above
4. The version of the Louis Armstrong song he sang when voted off, not the night of the competition --- George Huff
5. I Believe by Fantasia
6. Sin Wagon sung by that Amy girl :unsure: from last season. :p
7. Circle of Life- Jennifer Hudson
8. That Shaka Khan song by Latoya London
9. Think -- Diana Degarmo
10. Fantasia singing Aretha. :)

As you can see I memorize all performances. :retard:

Mar 11th, 2005, 07:13 PM
i forgot about frenchie too...............she was amazing.......they should have never kicked her off