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Mar 9th, 2005, 05:51 PM
Thanks to Star from menstennisforums :worship:

Day 1


I wasted all morning with the computer guy, and my computer still has the same problem tonight, even though it appeared to be fixed this morning.

Long story short: I missed getting to the site first thing in the morning, and I felt a bit rushed and discombobulated all the rest of the day. I never felt I was in sync with the matches etc.

First the bad news, and for those of you who love the outer courts it really kind of sucks. First, they have abolished the BEST seats on the outer courts. The south bleachers at Court 4 where you could get some shade by sitting up against the back wall during mid-day and also stand up on the changeovers and catch some of the match on Court 5 --- They are GONE! They’ve put up some bleachers on the east side of Court four and gotten some extra seats on Court 4 like that. BUT there are NO bleachers on Court 5 at all. NONE. Also there aren’t any bleachers at all on courts 7 and 8. That’s going to be a total mess once the men’s qualies get started. I don’t know where everyone is going to be. Some volunteer told me that they have eliminated a THOUSAND seats from the outer courts.

Also the really great seats at the north and south ends of Stadium 2 are GONE. Now you can’t get a seat right behind the back stop. There’s a gap. Stadium 3 on the south side has the same sort of set up as it used to…. Sort of… but there are fewer seats there too and the entry into the bleachers there too. It’s really kind of sad because year after year, the outer courts are getting to be a little less fun.

As for the tennis: The best match I saw all day was Kirilenko vs. Pisnik. It was extremely entertaining until Pisnik had to retire. Tina (and where has she been for so long?) was mixing it up with a lot of one-handed backhand slices, and Maria was making a concerted effort to come into the net as much as she could. The third game of the match was a portent of things to come. It went about 8 deuces. The rest of the set was equally as entertaining. This pattern happened about 7 or 8 times during the first set: Maria comes to the net; Tina hits a crafty lob; Maria races back to the base line and gets the ball in play; Tina hits a drop shot; Maria can’t get there in time. Great stuff. Or Tina comes to the net and sticks a volley, or gets passed. Tina had great disguise on her drop shot and Maria didn’t get to a single one until the second set.

Maria managed to break at 5 all, but Tina broke right back, Tiebreak. Wooo… It seems it will be close, but no. It’s not close. Tina races out to a 6-1 lead. Maria gets it back to 6-4, but Tina closes it out. Of course, only one thing can happen at that point. You guessed it! Maria takes a bathroom break.

The first set took more than an hour. The second set where Maria managed to win 6-3 also took about an hour. There were so many games with multiple deuces. Tina was fighting like a mad woman the whole match. She was scrambling and huffing and puffing, but managing to get to impossible balls and putting them away for winners too! Oh, and by the way, she is wearing her hair in dreadlocks. Yes, dreadlocks. Bleached blond dreadlocks. Her girlfriend was sitting right behind us and was talking to her the whole time in Slovenian, and sometimes Tina would look up at her and talk to her too. We would get to see her beautiful blue green eyes then.

But sadly, Tina had to retire in the third set because of a neck problem. By that time she was two breaks down. I was impressed with both girls. (except for the bathroom break thingy) Maria was intent on coming into the net. She’s a graceful player, but so very small, I don’t see how her game can stand up against the big girls.

Also I saw some of Dokic. She looks very slender and fit although her thigh was strapped. She looked quite intense on the court. Not happy, but not unhappy. Just very serious. She played a sloppy first set with a lot of errors and deservedly lost. She tightened up her game in the second set.

I finally saw Beygelzimer in person. I have doubts about her just based on her appearance. She had practically no calf muscles. Her lower legs are extremely thin. I’ve never seen a top player (man or woman) who didn’t have well developed calves. Even the girls who are quite slender and fragile looking have these terrific thighs and calves.

I was really disappointed because I wanted to see Shikha Uberoi. I went to Court 3. Antoinella was there waiting… patiently and then more impatiently, and then the other player arrived. I thought to myself…. Hmmmm Uberoi looks a lot different in person. She’s not nearly as deeply tan as I thought she would be. Her face is particularly fair. And…. Well, I just saw her that one time…. So maybe I forgot what she looks like. Ha! It was Alves! I didn’t’ realize it until the umpire introduced her. They never even changed the scoreboard for the first three games. Alves, I now know, is a lefty. For a while I thought Uberoi was a lefty.

Ok… For sightings. I saw KIM!! She looked slimmer to me. She also looks a bit more mature in the face ( or maybe it is just my imagination) She walked right by me. So we are just a few feet apart. She didn’t say hi or anything. Someone I know who has membership in the tennis club there said she walked into the club last week and saw Kim, and almost went up to her and started talking because she felt she knew her….. but was surprised to see her there so unexpectedly. But she limited herself to saying: “It’s nice to see you back,” to which Kim replied, “Thank you.”

Oh, and these people told me that they had to resurface some of the courts three times!!! THREE times! Think of the expense. Normally they resurface starting around November/December and are finished sometime in January/February. But this time the weather was so very very wet (12” of rain in Palm Springs since the beginning of the year when they haven’t had a total of 12” of rain for a whole 5 year period before that) anyway… so wet that the sand under the concrete slab of the courts got wet and activated the alkaline acid in the sand which ate through the concrete in places and caused bubbles in the surfaces of some of the courts. Later a tournament official who was sitting with Pisnik’s girlfriend confirmed this account. He said they were getting very nervous. But the expense must have been enormous.

Ok… back to sightings…. Labadze… somebody I thought was Ivan L., but wasn’t. Elena DementedServe. Mauresmo. Oh…. And Mary Pierce standing all by herself in front of the credentialing trailer reading some announcements (at least I think that’s what she was doing… if not, she has an unnatural interest in the sides of trailers) Lots of players I couldn’t identify. And also there is a picture of some gorgeous boy wiping off the sweat from his brow on the Fila tent…. REALLY big picture. I don’t know who it is, but he is beautiful.

Oh, and I saw Wayne Arthurs! I thought: How did you get here so damn fast? But it was definitely him. He must have hopped on a plane immediately after the tie.

Day 2

I got to the site really early today. I parked in my usual place today and had a nice time chatting with the parking lot attendant. She’s the same one every year. She’s French Canadian and she and her husband work down in Palm Springs in the winter and then in Alberta, Canada during the summer. She’s very nice and we’ve had fun over the years.

Oh, and guess what? They took down the bleachers that were by the practice court where you could sit and watch the practices! I don’t get it.

I walked around the practice courts looking for familiar faces, but seeing few. It was nice just hanging out. There was a black guy who was coaching a black girl I didn’t recognize. He was talking to a foreign looking white girl who appeared to be a player even though she wasn’t dressed out. He was saying: Those are the matches you’ve got to find a way to win. That’s why it’s called a break through. You have to do it. The girl smiled tentatively and she and the man she was with walked away. I exchanged a few words with the guy. I wish I knew who he is. I’ll look for him later in the tournament. He seemed like a really good guy. I saw Clement running around the grassy area doing that skip thing where he pulls his knee up really high like about every fifth step, and I saw Maria K stretching and skipping rope. I saw Gags running around the grassy area too. Her coach was really pushing her and demonstrated how he wanted her to run the sideways steps. Kiefer was practicing too with someone I didn’t know. Suarez was practicing too. I also saw Dokic (more about her later) She was practicing on Court Five. She looked ok. She’s nice and slim but she still has her little jelly belly pouching out.

So the first match. I wanted to see Galina Voskoboeva and Laura Pous Tio. Galina Voskoboeva is very tall and built like a volleyball player. Thin and long. Laura Pous Tio is short and compact with heavy thighs and a thick torso. She was over matched. Galina went out to a 5-0 lead and I left to watch Mariana Diaz-Oliva play Maureen Drake. It was a pretty close match and Drake was playing fairly well. It was so funny to see Drake because she used to be the original rock and roll rebel with weird hair and bizarre clothing. Now she looks like she’s a thirty-five year old mother of two who plays club tennis. Anyway, she was doing well, but she started losing her temper and yelling at herself even when she was winning points. She was terrorizing the little ball girl…. Not that she was doing anything absolutely awful, but she wasn’t happy with the ball girl… she wasn’t happy with anything.. but you could see the ball girl was nearly frozen with fear. When it looked like Mariana had the thing pretty much wrapped up, I left to sneak a look at Camille Pin. After that I watched part of the Kirilenko match. It wasn’t very exciting. Maria didn’t come to the net much, but really she didn’t have to do much because Kelly McCain wasn’t very good.

So, another turn around the practice courts.

JIAT AND NICKI ALERT A lot of people were gathered around one of the main practice courts so I went to see who it was. Next door with pretty no body watching was Tammy Tanasugarn. There wasn’t anyone visible on the court everyone was gathered around so I walked on around the corner and there was MARAT!! (time for Jiat and Nicki to jump around ) He looked like he was having a good time and was smiling. He still has the beard thing going on. He was with some thin shorter guy I didn’t recognize.

Back to Stadium 2 to watch Jelena Dokic She actually looked pretty good at the beginning of the match. She got an early break and Salerni was missing a lot of shots. Then Jelena inexplicably lost her serve. She had been occasionally double faulting yesterday and today…. But in the eighth game she hit 5 faults in a row and was broken. I could see the wheels had come off for some reason and didn’t want to stick around to see the train wreck. Anyway, I had told Avocadoe I would look out for Shikha Uberoi, so I went over to court four, which mercifully was beginning to be in the shade… although it didn’t reach me for another 45 minutes.

This was the match of the day!!! [b] Ekaterina Bychkova and Shikha Uberoi Ranked 146 and 147. It had everything. All court play… volleys… nerve wracking long long rallies usually ending either with a winner or a forced error… bathroom breaks… trainer being called… and VOMITING!! What more could you ask for?

The first set was great. Even though the score was one sided, there were many deuce games and lots of exciting play. Uberoi went to the net whenever she could get in. She played very aggressively and hit very hard. Bychkova had great length to her balls but was getting eaten up by Uberoi’s net play and aggression. Bychkova deserves the name. She screams. She rants. She talks to the backstop to calm herself. She was near tears a few times in the match. After losing the first set, Bychkova took a bathroom break.

Man, I don’t know what they have in those bathrooms, but it seems to work like a charm. The second set featured several breaks of serve and lots of deuce games and rallies that seemed to never end and were hard to watch just because of the sheer tension. At least all of us thought the match was tension filled, but… little did we know what tension was at that point. Shika got an early break and we all thought she was on her way to winning, but no. Bychkova broke back and then broke again. It was all over in that set for Shika.

So what’s a girl to do when she’s lost a set? You got it. She goes to the bathroom, and Shika is no exception. She hied herself off to the magic room. Both girls seemed a little tired at the end of the second set. Shika had lost some pop on her serve and had double faulted too.

The third set: Oh my gosh. I wasn’t taking notes and I may remember this all wrong. Shika looked fresh. She was up on her serve (oh did I mention that Shika had a bad bad habit of getting behind in her service games?) And she looked ready to hold… I think this would have put her up a break, but Bychkova broke her. All even. Then it was back and forth, back and forth. Both girls were aiming for the lines. Uberoi was rushing the net on deep approach shots to the corner. Sometimes she made it. Sometimes she couldn’t put the volley away even after three times, and Bychkova would save the point with some sort of miraculous determination. The crowd was really appreciating both players. Bychkova was fighting like a tigress. She would scream and yell and be nearly overcome with emotion, but a little chat with the back fence would put her right again, and she would come out and win the next point with brilliant play.

Finally, Uberoi broke. She was serving for the match. But her bad habit got her in trouble. Soon she was down 0-40. Could she save it? It seemed impossible. BUT she fought off three break points. She pulled it to deuce. And then match point! But Bychkova saved it. Desperately determined she would not give in. And she rallied to break Uberoi. Uberoi was nearly on her knees grabbing at her thigh. Bychkova looked wobbly legged.

Oh yeah. I forgot that Uberoi complained about line calls quite a bit. Not in a bitchy way, but still she complained, AND she took TONS of time between points. She got a time violation, and still took time. In that game where she was broken she found a new way to gain extra time. She called the ball girl from the net out to wipe up the court…. Like way in the back of the baseline…. Way way back. Then she did it again too, although this time it was inside the lines.

So the break back. But where is the trainer and where is the vomiting, you ask? Ah… the drama. The announcement is made right after Bychkova broke back. The trainer has been called. Which player… the crowd buzzed. The consensus was Bychkova had called for the trainer. Not to be outdone, Uberoi has a ball kid bring her an icepack, which she puts on her shoulder. The trainer comes. She finds one icepack and is looking for another, but of course, Uberoi has that one. The trainer improvises. She put the ice pack somewhat mysteriously between Bychkova’s legs underneath her skirt. Then massaged Bychkova’s thighs. We are watching intently. Suddenly there is movement at Uberoi’s chair. What??? Liquid hits the court. The woman next to me said. She’s throwing up.

Sure enough there is Uberoi at the trash can that is right behind Bychkova’s chair trying to get the cover off. A man from the crowd helps her. She puts her head in the trash can. She stays like that for a long time. She finally comes up looking refreshed.

The trainer finishes and leaves. Uberoi is explaining to the umpire that she just threw up, but she is looking good. We are all thinking she probably feels a lot better now that she threw up. Sure enough she does look like she feels good. She gets up on Bychkova’s serve. Bychkova gets it to deuce. There are more crazy long rallies. Uberoi has AD. Uberoi wins the point. The crowd sits stupidly silent as Uberoi throws up her hands in relieved victory celebration. We can’t believe it is actually over. Finally the crowd stands to give the young women the applause they deserve. People are happy for Uberoi but sad for Bychkova. Tennis is very cruel.

It was a dazzling match. It took over 2 ½ hours and was entertaining every single moment.

Mar 9th, 2005, 06:02 PM
Thanks for the info about Tina, its her neck again...

She was in two car acidents :sad:

Mar 9th, 2005, 06:21 PM
thank you

Bytchkova :devil: :o :tape:
so she didn`t change anyting in her behaviour.
God how this girl was irritating me when I saw her on challenger tour. :rolleyes:

those screams in Russian, crying on court, talks wth fence :shout: + racquet smashing :retard:

well done Uberoi ;)

Mar 9th, 2005, 06:45 PM
Thanks for the excellent post. I will be heading out for IW on Friday and cannot wait to get there!

Mar 9th, 2005, 06:46 PM
Wow, what a day. :eek: You must have had much fun! :)

Mar 9th, 2005, 06:50 PM
It was Star from MTF that went ... not me :p

Mar 9th, 2005, 08:14 PM
wow that was a great summary of Shikha's match.....i thought it was a great match just staring at the online scoreboard....do you mind if i quote you at the Sports-india.com forum??

Mar 10th, 2005, 05:52 AM
Thanks!!! :wavey:

Brian Stewart
Mar 10th, 2005, 07:56 AM
Thanks for a very detailed match report. I just hope vomitting doesn't become a tactic. It's bad enough they take strategic bathroom breaks. We don't need everyone blowing chunks in a tight match.

Unfortunately, it has worked before. Pete ralphed in his infamous win over Corretja at the USO. Also at the USO, Chanda once "summoned the earl" in a win (was it against Babsi?).

Mar 10th, 2005, 08:07 AM
Hey Pierce0415, that sucks about the bleachers on the outer courts :( Are viewers still allowed to sit on the far end of the courts of 4 and 5? The areas you get to by walking over the north/south bleachers where they had chairs at? Argh! Hard to explain, but maybe you know what I mean :p Basically, is there anyway to sit close to see the matches up close on the sides of the courts still? I sure hope so. I go this friday-sunday, so a bit curious :p

Mar 10th, 2005, 08:27 AM
Thanks for taking the time to write that long report. Don't know how you have the patience.

I was watching another match next to the Uberoi-Bychkova match. Heard lots of commotion coming from that court. I remember seeing Uberoi thank the crowd for their support after she won (that was all I saw).

I attended both qualy days and today (Wednesday). Saw LOTs of players and matches. Best singles match I saw was Pisnik-Kirilenko. Also saw Kirilenko win the the doubles qualifier tonight playing with Salerni. That was a fairly entertaining match too. Lots of good rallies. They beat Beygelzimer and Fedak. Fedak is tiny, but she's tenacious. She comes to net whenever possible, which I love. But she's susceptible to the lob. Kirilenko hit a few winning lobs over Fedak's head. Maria was the best player on the court. She hit some outrageous winners off the ground.


By the way, another good singles match was Domachowska over Salerni. Marta had a very vocal group of relatives/friends supporting her. The referee had to ask them to keep it down once. They weren't that bad. Marta took it 6-4 in the 3rd set. Can't say that the points were as good as in the Pisnik-Kirilenko match, but it was close and quite tense towards the end. Marta won because she raised the level of her game under the pressure, whereas Salerni cracked just a little bit. Marta hit some drop shot winners in extreme pressure situations, including on match point (which clipped the net and dropped over for a winner).

Saw Chakvetadze beat Sucha tonight. Interesting match. Anna was struggling with some physical problem but still managed to win. She's very talented. She's in a league above Sucha.

Some notes from the practice courts - Safin has the most groupies following him around. Federer also had a big crowd watching him practice. Viktoria Kutazova has grown ALOT since the last time I saw her. She looked good in her little, white practice outfit. They were doubling up on the practice courts today which I've never seen before. Four people would share a court.

Lots of these pro tennis players look good in their tiny, tight, practice outfits. But the hottest looking of all the women I saw was Ekaterina Bychkova (IMHO). Never saw her before today. She had a little tiff with Leizel Huber about scheduling of a practice court. Apparently E.B. was on a court that was scheduled for Leizel. So Leizel just sort of walked on, announcing that she was scheduled for the court at that time. The coaches had some tense words too. But they seemed to part on good terms in the end. Saw Linetskaya on the courts more than anyone else. Even saw her hitting with Suarez once. It's the first time I've seen Suarez not practicing with Ruano Pascual (who arrived the next day). Saw Ivo Karlovic walk onto the same practice court that Gisela Dulko was finishing on. What an amazing contrast of two tennis players!

This is a great event to attend. Highly recommend it to anyone who can get there!

Mar 10th, 2005, 08:36 AM
Thanks Shooter ;)


Mar 10th, 2005, 12:39 PM
Great post, Pierce0415. Much thanks, and enjoy yourself. And stay cool!

Mar 10th, 2005, 04:22 PM
cheers! :)

Mar 10th, 2005, 04:33 PM
thank you Shooter :D

Mar 10th, 2005, 09:32 PM
thank you Shooter :D

For your info, I took lots of pictures of Marta and Salerni, the best of which will be posted to a new site I'm working on now. Hopefully it will be up by Sunday night. The URL will be: www.mfwweb.com/tennis/IW05

Mar 10th, 2005, 11:41 PM
For your info, I took lots of pictures of Marta and Salerni, the best of which will be posted to a new site I'm working on now. Hopefully it will be up by Sunday night. The URL will be: www.mfwweb.com/tennis/IW05

Can't wait :drool:

Mar 11th, 2005, 02:24 AM
Thanks for your report pierce0415!!!! Go Shikha!!! Keep fighting through the vomit and you'll be okay!!! That sounds like such a dramatic match!!! Your description was wonderful!!!

Mar 11th, 2005, 02:35 AM
Great reports both of you, thanks a lot!!!!

Mar 11th, 2005, 01:52 PM
More from Star of MTF

Day 3

This wasn’t such an exciting day as yesterday. There was only one match I wanted to be sure to see, and a lot of players I wanted to get a look at. So I just went from match to match and got little peeks at a lot of players. I did see Kim’s match from beginning to end, unfortunately, that entailed me seeing more of the Irvin/Granville match than I wanted.

[gossip] The word around the tennis site was that Safin broke several rackets while practicing yesterday. And got into a big argument with his practice partner about a line call. I’m pretty sure it was Kutnitsyn he was practicing with yesterday because I saw Kutnitsyn today in a match. I just saw about three games.

Crap. I left my draw sheet in the car. Be right back.

Ok. Back.

First, it was kids day and they had classes from several different elementary schools in the area. On Stadium 3, they had a special program for them with contests and prizes. Serra-Zanetti (sp?) and Hrbaty were out there with the kids. They were both really good with the kids. One of the things they did was to have Hrbaty and Serra Zanetti play each other. When asked who would win, the man or the woman, the kids voted with their voices that the woman would win. That made both of the players laugh. So they played a point, and then they had two kids come out and hold hands with each player while they hit. Then two more, and so on until each of them had four kids hanging on in a line hand in hand as they moved around the court. It was pretty funny. And the girls did win!!

So then I went around and just sampled matches. Courts 4 through 6 are all in a line so I could stay for a few games on each and move on to the next pretty easily. So, I started out with Peya and Jeanpierre. I saw somebody dressed in Adidas with a girly ponytail watching. It took a few minutes to realize that it was Mayer. Peya was having his way pretty much and it wasn’t too exciting, so after the first two games I moved on to Court 5. (still don’t know how that match came out.) Then Lisnard and Kuntisyn. Also not exciting, but I see that Lisnard got the best of Kuntisyn. Then on to Zib and Karanusic. Karanusic is a big guy and is quite emotional. In just the one game I saw him serving he threw his racket twice and was very upset. Of course, he was broken in that game, so he had reason to be upset, but still, it appears he is going for the racket throwing championship. He threw it hard, and got a significant bounce as well. I was surprised to later see that it took Zib three sets to defeat him.

I floated around the practice courts then and got to see Malisse practicing. He is so cute! And I love to watch his feet as he plays. They are so graceful and light. He was practicing with several players and they were all taking turns. Rainer was on Malisse’s side of the net and Dent and somebody else were on the other side. Rainer looked great as always. He is so very fit. He was playing without his shirt… as always. Malisse had his shirt on. Mercifully so did Dent. There were some players standing around the end where Malisse and Rainer were. Mayer was one of them. I was thinking maybe he would think I was stalking him, but I wanted to see Malisse and Ranier so I stayed. While I was there, two little Hispanic kids who were there with their class asked Mayer for an autograph. He said, “I’m practicing.” Which they didn’t’ really understand, so he repeated it. “Not now, I’m practicing.” The kids turned away with hurt and confused looks. I took them aside and told them that the best time to get an autograph was after a player had finished practicing and was leaving the practice court. Anyway, Mayer wasn’t practicing and it wouldn’t have killed him to have given the boys an autograph. For sure, they didn’t know who he was, but they were just little kids and maybe they would have been thrilled to get an autograph from him and become tennis fans instead of just feeling rebuffed and like complete outsiders. They were SO sweet. After I talked to them, they said. “Oh. Ok. Thank you.” I thought they had really nice manners.

Well, one of the players I really wanted to see was Jo Wilfred Tsongas. While I was waiting for his match to start I watched the first three games of Clement’s match against a young Frenchman, Vasselin. Or Roger-Vasselin. Not sure which. Anyway, Clement was having a really difficult time while I was there. He couldn’t do anything right and could not keep a ball in the court. 0-3 when I left. I was glad to later see he pulled out the win.

Then on to see Jo Wilfred. I’d heard a lot about the guy and I was anxious to see him. Sure enough it was the guy I’d seen on the practice courts who I thought was Jo Wilfred. He is VERY big for a tennis player. He looks more like a linebacker. He is tall and heavy. I’m not fond of that build for tennis because I think a heavy body can’t hold up to the pounding. But, I was glad to see that Tsongas is light on his feet. However, he did not impress me at all. He quickly fell way behind and didn’t show me much at all. He was playing Dancevic… which now I know I have been mispronouncing… and even against a player of that lowly rank Tsongas had nothing at all.

Then to Stadium Court to see Gio Lapentti. I watched Kendrick win the first set and then went to my car to grab a sandwich. Later I learned Kendrick fell completely apart after losing the second set. People who watched thought it was pathetic. Although not as pathetic as they thought Dokic was in her loss.

So then I caught the last of Arthurs match against the oddly named Argentine. But I was really waiting for Kirilenko to start. I watched Kirilenk demolish her opponent for as long as I could take it. Actually Krelenko wasn’t playing so great. Perebynis simply couldn’t keep the ball in the court most of the time. It was painful. It looked as if Irvin and Granville were winding up things in the Stadium so I left to go over there to see Kim.

Woe is me. Irvin took it into a third set. Perhaps I haven’t ever mentioned that I can’t stand either Irvin or her loony mother. But anyway, I can’t and I try to avoid her at all costs. So I left once again and went out to see Bobby Reynolds. I liked him quite a bit. He’s small, fast, scrappy, and has a good serve. He might become a solid journeyman player if he can take the life.

Finally Kim started her match. Nicole Pratt is a fighter, but she was no match for Kim. I sort of watched the match in some sort of heat/dehydration induced coma. Kim was hitting the ball great, but I can’t give you details about the match. Kim did have TWO really EMBARASSING misses on overheads. BAM right into the net. On the first one she looked mortified. The second one she took in stride. She did get broken once, I think, which was really unforgivable. Pratt was obsessed because the service lines man/woman was making her calls a bit late. She made good calls but they were a tad delayed. This drove Pratt WILD. She complained about it over and over. When she and Kim shook hands, Nicole was chatting away like mad to Kim, and I’ll bet she was saying, “ I can’t believe how late that woman was with her calls. Wasn’t it driving you crazy? What is wrong with her?”

Anyway, to me, Kim looked about the same physically. My seat mate thinks he sees the difference in her backhand, but all I can tell you is that she was hitting it GREAT. Her mom was there. Some guy with a shaved head was sitting behind her mom. Mom was talking ot some grey hair, Actually talking up a storm to him... I guess Kimmy gets her motormouthing honestly. Also another couple was there with them. A woman with an auburn bob and and some man.

So anyway… I stayed around a bit for Jackson. She had on a nice outfit. And it was her that the coach I noticed was coaching. She’s quite a muscular girl, but not very big. She didn’t seem to have a game that will take her places, but maybe she will develop. Barna is about 2 inches wide and could pass for a runway model with her long legs, great hair, and darling figure if it weren’t for her dreadful posture.

And then I went home. It was about 6 when I left. There were still some matches going on, but nothing I wanted to see.

Day 4

Day Four

Before dragging myself home from a very long hot day at the tournament, I stopped by Statler Foods…. A downscale grocery store in the valley. There are nicer stores… Ralphs… Jensens… even Vons… But anyway it was handy and all I wanted was a bottle of wine. So, I’m stumbling out of the store with my purchase and nearly run right into a vaguely familiar woman carrying a child and speaking German. (something about grandma) It was STEFFI GRAF! There she was with her head in the air walking in her stiff little gait, her hair pulled back into a severe pony tail and her tiny hips poured into some very tight fitting probably size zero jeans. A nanny was pushing Jaden in a cart and speaking English to him. They went out to the parking lot where they were parked near to me and packed everything into a modest looking silver van. But in Statlers of all places. It was sort of surreal. I realized that’s how she must conduct herself. She just puts her head in the air and pretends like nobody recognizes her. Like the town isn’t filled with tennis nuts right now.

But back to this morning. Practice courts! Everything was filled. Everybody is here. It’s the day before the men’s tournament starts and the second day of play for the women. The place is cracking. For those of you who haven’t been there, just to the west of the practice courts is a large grassy area that is flat at the north end and then gently slopes to the east and south. There aren’t any signs, but it is understood this is a players area. Seldom do the fans intrude here. Today it was simply crammed full of stars. It seemed everyone was either on the practice courts or on this grassy knoll. I saw Philippoussis and his sweetie/fiancée/whatever. She is very tiny, very pouty, and very sleek. Daddy Poo was there too. They were standing right beside us on the sidewalk at the edge of the grass. If we turned one way, there were all the players running around or kicking soccer balls or doing drills or walking to the practice courts.

When I turned the other way there was Lleyton practicing with Roger Rasheed and on the court right beside his were Gael Monfils, Calleri, T. Johansson, and Mario Ancic, who wasn’t happy with his serve. While Lleyton was practicing, Kim walked down the slope with her mom and the auburned haired lady I saw yesterday. She took up the practice court just down hill from and behind Lleyton’s where she was practicing with Sharapova. On the farthest practice court to the east were Mauresmo, Safina, Dementieva, and Bovina…. All hitting together. I guess the Russians decided to let Amelie join their party.


Karantancheva and Weingartner may have looked to have had a great first set from the score, but in reality it was truly dreadful. Neither could hold serve. I think all set long each held serve once. Weingartner served for the set, but from the rest of the set it seemed a sure thing that she would be broken. The tiebreak. Sesil got the best of Weingartner and took the set. Then Sesil got the hang of holding serve, but sadly, Weingartner did not. It was 3-0 for Sesil when I got fed up with the whole mess and left for greener matches.
When I first got to the stadium and stored my stuff under my seat…. Another reason I love this tournament. I can’t think of many places where you would feel comfortable doing that. But that’s what me and my seat mates do all the time. We leave our stuff there and then go out to the outer courts and come back into the stadium and maybe there are people sitting in our seats and maybe there aren’t but either way it’s ok.

So,….. Did I mention it was bloody hot today… making me even more pissed off about the shady seats being removed. Even though it was hotter last year, at least the shady seats were available. I peeked in on Strycova and Voskoboeva and Bedanova and Bodarenko, and then went back to the stadium to eat some lunch and got a bit of the Arthurs match. Nothing was too exciting to me but maybe that was because of the heat. I heard the Voskoboeva match got really good. I got there at the end of the second set which Voskoboeva won at love. They invoked the heat rule and the players took a ten minute break. I didn’t wait around, but heard from my seat mate that Kirkland came back to win the third in a tiebreak. He said it was a good match. I really respect him because he knows a lot about tennis and organizes a national amateur tennis tournament every year. I give him tips about tennis gossip because he doesn’t follow the game that way, and he gives me tips about technique etc.

I went inside the Stadium just to get in some shade and not so much to watch Haynes and Santangelo although Avo put in a request for that match. It was a so so affair. Not too exciting. Neither played great tennis, but the last two games were pretty good. Haynes showed some speed and some tenaciousness. Haynes made so many errors it was annoying, but she tightened up her game at the end. Santangelo is a very tall blond woman…. Looking more like a member of the ova brigade than an Italian.

So then it was time for Vaidisova and Washington. BOOM Vaidisova came out and hit like three aces/service winners. But Washington wasn’t overawed. She hung in there and the match was close throughout the first set. It wasn’t gripping tennis, but it was interesting to see Vaidisova… and excuse me, but is she really only 15 years old? My goodness. She is tall and very well developed. Her legs are long but well muscled… More along the lines of Venus’s legs than Bovina’s. She must be at least 6’1 or 2.

Washington got broken fairly early in the second set after losing the tiebreak in the first. She looked a little down. Then she called for the trainer late in the set. I packed it in at that point and heard on the loudspeaker that Vaidisova won. No surprise.

I went over to see a bit of Phau and also wanted to catch the Uberoi match as well as some of Daniela’s doubles match.

Uberoi looked nervous at the beginning of the match. Her dad was on hand sitting on the steps just like he did on Tuesday. He calls her Shiks. As in… “Good serve, Shiks!” etc.

Anyway, Shiks got down in her serve, which if you remember I told you she had a bad habit of doing. She did manage to break right back, but then she had a hard time with Morigami because Morigami has a wicked little serve down the T that acted as a nice leveler. Fortunately for Shiks, Morigami’s serve went down hill toward the end of the set and Uberoi was able to break for the set. She also came back from 1-4 in the second to win the match. Shows good fight back, but she needs to break that habit of getting behind.

I left to go see Daniela because she’s my very favorite female player. Like I was saying to Avo earlier, I really feel like I haven’t seen Daniela for a long time. I’ve just gotten brief glimpses and then it wasn’t like the Daniela I had first gotten to know at IW when she was playing the qualies. But tonight it was GREAT. She looked fabulous. She seems to be gleaming with health. Her partner was Schiavione who is a miracle of a woman. She is built low to the ground and scoots around like some sort of water bug on steroids. She was fantastic. It was a wonderful match. Also I like Gisela Dulko who was playing opposite with Vento Kabchi.

Fashion Report: Cause I know this is really the most important thing. Sesil had on a rather unflattering brown and beige outfit. It was brown on the sides and beige in the front. I suppose this was meant to be slimming and not merely dowdy. When I saw her warming up first thing in the morning she looked far better in a pink t-shirt and aqua shorts. She was practicing with Chanda Rubin who mysteriously I see on the practice courts constantly but isn’t playing here. I’m so confused.

Weingartner had on a really cute Fila outfit with a red top and a white skirt with red trim. She looked really nice in it. She has a trim little figure.

On and I love the way Sesil is built for tennis. A trim torso but nice well muscled thighs and calves.

Mashona was wearing one of those Nike outfits in the yellow yellow green. I really don’t know what to call that color. A mesh skirt and the matching mesh top. Vaidisova was very sleek in a fabulous sleeveless Lotto outfit. All white with turquoise piping. It had darling little tucks in the back of the top giving nice detail to an otherwise rather severe outfit. It was skin tight and I can think of few bodies that could wear that outfit as well as the one Vaidisova currently owns.

Uberoi was wearing all white too. A baby tee and a skirt. Same problems as Tuesday though. She pulled up on the skirt and pulled down on the tee.

Daniela looked darling in little tiny very dark turquoise shorts with a white band around the top of the shorts. She wore a very pale aqua T back top.

Gisela looked sexily demure in a white skirt (tight of course) and a black sleeveless top with white piping around the armholes and a white collar framing a deep V neckline set off by a white plaque running down from the collar. Gisela always looks great.

Mar 11th, 2005, 11:49 PM
Vaidisova was very sleek in a fabulous sleeveless Lotto outfit.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

So she's not with Reebok anymore?

Mar 11th, 2005, 11:51 PM
Was Nicole wearing this :-


Mar 12th, 2005, 12:17 AM
I'm glad Chanda is at least on the courts...

Mar 12th, 2005, 12:25 AM
thanks :D

Brian Stewart
Mar 13th, 2005, 07:26 AM
Thanks for the reports.

Interesting that Chanda is there practicing on hard courts after the flareup with her knee a couple of weeks ago. One would think she'd stick to softer surfaces.

And why is she hanging around there after withdrawing several days before the tourney began? Unless... ESPN gig?

Mar 13th, 2005, 02:58 PM
Thanks for a very detailed match report. I just hope vomitting doesn't become a tactic. It's bad enough they take strategic bathroom breaks. We don't need everyone blowing chunks in a tight match.

Unfortunately, it has worked before. Pete ralphed in his infamous win over Corretja at the USO. Also at the USO, Chanda once "summoned the earl" in a win (was it against Babsi?).

So they're puking on purpose eh? It's just another tactic to "psyche out" their opponents?