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Sally Struthers
Mar 5th, 2005, 04:43 PM
Jacko accuser's sister admits lie
From correspondents in Santa Maria, California
March 05, 2005

MICHAEL Jackson's lawyer savaged the credibility of his child abuse accuser's sister, forcing her to admit she lied.

Trial jurors were also shown a video in which the cancer patient, who accused Jackson of molestation, and his mother lavished praise on the star, describing him as a father figure who they called "daddy Michael".

Jackson's lawyer Thomas Mesereau assaulted prosecution claims that the singer plotted to abduct the family and hold them prisoner until they agreed to make that video.

"It went very good," Jackson told reporters as he left court after the first week of evidence in his trial.

During cross examination, Mr Mesereau tore into the family's story, forcing the 18-year-old woman to concede that she, her mother and two brothers had not tried to raise an alarm when they were on a shopping spree while allegedly being held prisoner by Jackson aides.

"Did you ever hear anybody scream, 'Help, we are being held against our will'?" Mr Mesereau asked the accuser's sister.

"No none of us said that," she replied.

The woman also admitted that aides to the star had never told them they could not leave the sprawling estate where she said earlier that she had been afraid.

She told how she had previously filed a police report accusing her father of molesting and falsely imprisoning her - similar charges to those her brother made against Jackson - and making "terrorist threats".

During several hours of frequently contradictory testimony, she admitted she had selectively lied about key details of the case in an interview with social workers before Jackson's arrest.

Mr Mesereau cornered her over why she told authorities that Jackson had never acted inappropriately with her then 13-year-old brother.

"So you'd lie about certain things and tell the truth about certain things, depending on what you are asked, right?" Mr Mesereau asked.

"Yeah," she softly replied.

Jackson's team have painted the children's mother as a rapacious financial predator who coached her children to lie in several cash-seeking lawsuits and tried to scam celebrities.

Mr Mesereau strongly suggested the teenager, who repeatedly said she could not recollect certain events in the case, had been coached in her testimony.

"It sounds like you memorised that answer," Mr Mesereau told her. "Did anyone tell you to say, 'I was very young and I can't remember'?"

The woman replied that she had not been told to use the oft-repeated phrase.

Jurors were also shown a video featuring the family that prosecutors say were forced by Jackson's aides to record, in a bid to clear him of misconduct.

In the unedited film, which the accuser's sister said was "scripted" by Jackson's aides, the young accuser and his mother sang the entertainer's praises.

The mother said Jackson was an "unanswered prayer to my children and me".

"God elected to work through Michael at a very traumatic time in our life," she said in the unedited video, recorded about three months before the family made allegations against Jackson.

Prosecutors contend that Jackson plotted to kidnap the family and force them to take part in the rebuttal video after the broadcast of a damaging television documentary in February 2003.

British journalist Martin Bashir's documentary, Living With Michael Jackson, showed the superstar holding hands with his future accuser and admitting to sharing his bed with children.

"Didn't you want a father to hold your hand, especially through the most troubling times?" the mother said.

"They took a beautiful relationship he (Jackson) has with (the boy) and spun it out of control."

The family described their first meeting with Jackson, who befriended the boy when he was undergoing cancer treatment in late 2000 or early 2001 and their first visit to Neverland where Jackson hugged them all.

The boy recalled how he came to spend the night in Jackson's split-level bedroom at Neverland - where the superstar is later accused of fondling the boy while pleasuring himself on at least two occasions - on his first visit to the ranch.

"I think it was that night that I asked if I could stay in his (Jackson's) room," he said on the video. "I think he said that, if it's all right with my parents, it's all right with him. I said, like cool."

He said Jackson had insisted that the youngster sleep in his huge bed, while the star slept in on the floor.

"He was a loving, kind, humble man and all he wanted to do was good and happiness. I took to him pretty quick," the boy said.

In the course of the unedited video, the family alternates from a poised on camera presentation between moments of joking and laughter.

At one point the mother asks Jackson's cameraman to zoom in on her hands as she holds her son's hand. "You know how Bashir zoomed in, do that," she told the cameraman.

The 46-year-old Jackson could be jailed for up to 20 years if convicted on 10 counts including child molestation plying the boy with alcohol to seduce him and plotting to kidnap him and his family.

Mar 5th, 2005, 05:05 PM
This shit is about to hit the fan. Looks like Michael may have won this week, but next week watch the prosecution come back. I still believe Michael is toast though.

Lord Nelson
Mar 5th, 2005, 05:38 PM
Michae's image is toast but it does look that he won't go to jail. But that won't stop the woma and her kids getting money from tabloids who are interested in knowing their story. Hey they could even be millionaires. I don't really blame them though. Jackson's lifestyle was bizzarre, serves him right.