View Full Version : Wanted: Copy of 2005 AO Mixed Doubles final - Pls help! :)

Feb 12th, 2005, 03:39 AM
Hi everyone

Just a quick msg to see if anyone could help me out pls?
I know this isn't Alicia related, but I think Aussies (a lot who would frequent these parts of the boards!) would perhaps be most likely ot have a copy...

I'm keen for a copy of the 05 AO Mixed Doubles Final ... we make a bit of an apperance on the coverage, and, not having seen it personally, it would be funny to be able to see it and laugh at ourselves! :lol:
Also, Aussie victories are always 'keepers' :)

If anyone could help out, Pls reply to this, or PM me ... :)

Would pay all costs! (+ extra coz I'd love you for it!)